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Published on August 12th, 2012 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

PAYDAY: The Heist Wolfpack DLC Review

Developer: Overkill
Platform:  PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network [Reviewed], PC
MSRP: $9.99
Release Date: Aug. 7, 2012

Reviewer’s Note: A PlayStation 3 code was sent for review purposes

What more can a survivalist, First-person shooter gamer can ask for that is not already offered in PAYDAY: The Heist.  The game has over-the-top nonstop action; a unique (and often confusing) class and leveling system; a variety of weapons, gadgets, and perks; and endless replay value with the officers and police squad behaving differently every time you play a heist.

With the game earning a 9.0 out of 10.0 (click here to read the original review) it was already close to being an outstanding game.

Overkill and Sony Online Entertainment just made a great game into an excellent must-have game with the release of the new downloadable content Wolfpack.

The biggest draw of Wolfpack DLC is the new class, the Technician.  Those familiar with PAYDAY: The Heist already know the game includes three classes: Assault, Sharpshooter and Support.  You can view each class through the main menu or game menu by selecting Upgrades. The class upgrade tree is where you could view your current status in the upgrade tree and see what you could unlock next.

The class system may seem confusing at first because players do not actually select a class before each heist. A class is upgraded as you continue to gain Reputation. Upgrade a class to earn new perks, weapons and equipment.  In order to select what class you want to upgrade press and hold the select button anytime in the pregame lobby or during the game. The selection of classes will be in the bottom left hand corner. Each class will display the next upgrade it offers the next time you level up your Reputation.

Most of the above additions to the Wolfpack DLC involve upgrading the new class, Technician. You need to upgrade the Technician class in order to unlock the three new weapons: the Stryk auto handgun, the AK assault rifle, the GL 40 grenade launcher and unlock the new equipment, the sentry gun.

The reputation leveling cap has been raised from 145 to 193 to accommodate those who already hit maximum level. You are able to unlock all the new weapons and equipment about midway through the upgrade tree however the rest of the upgrade tree will give you upgrades to your weapons and equipments and new levels on perks such as the toolkit.

Depending on the level you start the DLC, it could take anywhere between six to 12 hours just to go through the upgrade tree.

These new weapons and equipment is a great addition to the already impressive weapon list.  Having an auto handgun available comes in handy in close quarters situations and feels more of a primary weapon rather than a sidearm. The AK is a powerful assault rifle for both close quarters and distance, especially after unlocking sights and recoil dampener.  Last but not least is the GL 40 grenade launcher.  Equipped with only four grenades, use the GL 40 to easily defeat shields, cloakers, boomers or taser cops. My suggestion, make sure you or one of your teammates equips an ammo bag for the GL 40 to be fully effective instead of an scapegoat.

The biggest “game changer” of the new weapons is the sentry gun.  During tough assaults, deploying the sentry gun will be like having a fifth team member. Or play strategically by placing the sentry gun to protect equipment while drilling, sewing, or hacking.  You could place the sentry gun and have a team mate set up another sentry or trip mines to effectively fortify your team during touch assaults in small quarters. The additions that come with the new class are not the only content from the DLC.

The two new heist are Undercover and Counterfeit. Undercover has the team fending off the police when a back alley deal for obtaining IRS information goes bad. In Counterfeit you must infiltrate two homes that are central to a huge counterfeiting business in order to lift the money plates. Undercover is filled with tight spaces and close quarters while Counterfeit is open and has multiple entry points for the police. The good news, everyone is able to play the new heist as long as the host is the one who purchased the DLC.

Final Truth:

Wolfpack DLC is a perfect addition to PAYDAY: The Heist. For any other first person shooter, the amount of content and additional gameplay hours the DLC adds to the game will cost gamers more than the $9.99 price tag. Only a game like PAYDAY allows DLC that offering new maps, new class and upgrade tree, and new weapons without favoring the gamers who purchase the DLC over those without it. Wolfpack DLC is a must have for anybody who owes PAYDAY: The Heist and it is a true deciding factor for those who wanted to purchase PAYDAY for the first time.

[xrr label=”Rating: 9.5/10″ rating=9.5/10]

+ New weapons
+ New class and upgrade tree
+ New heists
+ Hours of gameplay and replay value
– Can be confusing to know what class you are upgrading

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