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Published on July 9th, 2012 | by Andre Gamble, Contributor

Activision Announces “The Walking Dead” Shooter

Activision announced earlier today that it will be publishing a first-person shooter based on the award-winning AMC television show, “The Walking Dead.” Terminal Reality, famous for the BloodRayne series and Kinect Star Wars, will be developing the game.

A prequel to the television series, gamers will play as Daryl Dixon as he fights his way through the Georgia countryside on his way to Atlanta. Alongside his brother Merle Dixon, gamers will have to make the choice to fight zombies head on, or use stealth to get passed them. The player will also have to make decisions on how to ration food, ammunition and medical supplies. You’re interactions will other characters can also affect the story.

Attendees to San Diego Comic-Con will get the chance to get an exclusive preorder bonus in the form of Daryl’s “walker ear” necklace. Only the first 100 preorders will receive the necklace so make sure you get to the Activision booth quickly.

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