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Published on June 23rd, 2012 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Dragon’s Lair Kinect Review

Developer: Digital Leisure Inc.
Platform: Xbox 360
MSRP: 800 Microsoft Points
Release Date: May 18, 2012

Review Notes: GAMINGtruth received a game token for review purposes.

Not much more can be said about Dragon’s Lair and the rest of the series. Since the game’s 1983 release, Dragon’s Lair has been ported to a number of consoles and devices with much success. Go see what the GAMINGtruth team thinks about the Apple iOS version of Dragon’s Lair here (But after you read this review).

With its gorgeous animation, simple controls, and insane difficulty, Dragon’s Lair is nothing short of a classic game.

Today, with Dragon’s Lair for the Kinect, you can almost literally play as Dirk the Daring as you try to save the princess from the evil clutches of the dragon. The goal remains the same: avoid death from every room you visit as you get one step closer to rescuing the princess.

This version of Dragon’s Lair takes a leap forward from the other ports. The animation of the game is stunning, running at full 1080p. What makes the XBLA version of Dragon’s Lair Kinect better than its PSN HD remastered counterpart that was released of November of 2010? The answer is the Kinect compatibilities.

The simplicity of Dragon’s Lair’s controls translates well. The reflex based gameplay transitions out from button pushes to your body movement. The arrow flashes to the right, you step to the right. The run button flashes, run in place. Need to grab a rope? Simply lift your arm and “grab it.” Activate your sword by raising your arm and slashing it down.

The Kinect sensor responds remarkably well. Digital Leisure Inc. did allow some lead way from the game’s original difficulty while on Kinect mode, however the game still feels like it’s original self because the delay is calibrated well to compensate form a hand movement to an entire body movement. The fun over-the-top bonus is the game will randomly take pictures of you on your quest to save the princess.

If you’re not a part of the Kinect family, no worries, Dragon’s Lair Kinect comes with a controller options for those who do not have the device connected to their Xboxes.

There are three game modes to choose from. Adventure mode allows you to go through the game without dying, Quest mode gives you a limited number of lives, and Daring mode is the original arcade difficulty.

If the Kinect integrated controls were not enough, Digital Leisure Inc. included a new co-op mode. This mode takes advantage of the Kinect sensor being able to recognize two players at once. In this mode, one player follows the commands until they fail a move. Once the move is missed, the second player jumps into the action to continue the game. This is a fun twist to a classic game. The co-op mode is fun to play and fun to watch others alternate in imitating Dirk.

Digital Leisure Inc. also included both the original arcade version and the story mode version of the game. The arcade version cuts to random scenes after each death while the story mode takes you through the castle.

Final Truth:

Dragon’s Lair Kinect is how a classic game should be ported to newer consoles. Digitial Leisure Inc. made a faithful port with extras to make this release a must buy for both Kinect owners and non-Kinect owners alike.

With the Kinect controller you can mimic Dirk’s movements allowing players to experience Dragon’s Lair in a whole new way. In addition, Digital Leisure Inc. added the original arcade trailer, a video of the entire game for your viewing pleasure without actually needing to play the game, and a photo gallery to view all of the photos the game took as you swung your arms and move from side to side and back and forth. You will be coming back to Dragon’s Lair Kinect because avoiding those falls, grabbing for ropes, running to dodge obstacles, and swing your sword is just pure fun.

[xrr label=”Rating: 9.75/10″ rating=9.75/10]

+ Cooperative
+ Kinect and controller options
+ Extras
+ HD remastered animation

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