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Published on June 21st, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Quick, to the eShop! Gym Class Heroes want to Double Your Dragon with Chuck Norris

The Double Dragon series is one of the most memorable beat’em up titles from arcades and 8-bit consoles of the ’80s. Growing up I wanted nothing more than to do karate. Billy and Jimmy Lee seemed like the perfect set of twin karate teachers. Well, those two and the abundance of cheesy films from the early ’90s that aided my home taught blackbeltism (You don’t have to lie about seeing “Sidekicks” or the fact that you tried every move in it).

The duo will see new light on the Virtual Console. Deliver a heaping pile of vengeance to the notorious Shadow Warriors to avenge the death of fallen female friend, Marion. Double Dragon will also be seeing new light on the XBLA and PSN later this year with a new game titled Double Dragon Neon from WayForward Technologies later this year. Check out our hands-on preview from E3 2012 here.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge will arrive on the Virtual Console for 500 points.

Speaking of fighters, the new Gym Class Heroes video “The Fighter” will release in the Nintendo Video section. This is a big relief for those tired of seeing OK Go week in and week out as the promoted artist. It may not be as mind bending or off the wall, but I’m sure it will rock your gym-socks.

The cooking strategy game Order Up!! will also be mixing it up in the eShop today. The game incorporates witty humor and some mean choppin’ skills. If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen you might want to think about playing the game in a different room. Stay tuned for the official review coming from GAMINGtruth. 

Order Up!! is releasing for US $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

There are a load of puzzlers slitherin’ and furryin’ their way to digital download. Honorable mentions include Slitherlink by Nikoli (eShop), Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku (eShop/WiiWare), Jewel Legends: Tree of Life (eShop/DSiWare), and Save the Furries (WiiWare).

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