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Published on June 21st, 2012 | by Andre Gamble, Contributor

Bang Bang Racing Review

Developer: Playbox/Digital Reality
Platform: Xbox LIVE Arcade
Release Date: June 6, 2012
Price:  800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD)

Review Notes: Our review copy of Bang Bang Racing was given by the company and was played on an Xbox 360 console.

Bang Bang Racing is a top-down racing game from one of the developers of Sine Mora. If you ever played R.C. Pro-Am for the NES, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The game really remind of the Hot Wheels tracks of my youth.  Similarly to those same Hot Wheels tracks, after around a few hundred laps you just kind of get bored. To be honest, this game is as average as a game can get.

Bang Bang Racing is a pretty barebones racing game. Included in the game are Career, Championship, a split screen multiplayer modes with nine different tracks, 20 cars and eight skins per car. Each car doesn’t look very different from the other vehicles in the same class, so as soon as you get a new ride you’re going to start using that one. The game does imply that each car has different advantages and disadvantages, but I couldn’t really tell or find where that information was kept.  With such slim pickings for modes and features Bang Bang Racing feels like an Xbox LIVE Arcade game from 2007. That isn’t to say the racer isn’t fun its just lacking.

When you begin in the lowest class the races feel painfully slow, but the cars do get faster as you advance and unlock the newer rides in the higher classes. Races are short and to the point. There are obstacles on the track like oil slicks, exploding barrels and water that will try to slow your progress, but the thing you will have the most trouble with is the rubber band AI and the camera.

The computer racers are relentless. Just when you think you are far enough ahead, a group of racers come from behind waiting for you to make a mistake. I got the feeling that computer racers are always a bit faster than I am even when they aren’t using boost. It gets frustrating went you’re trying races over and over again trying to medal because some guy slipped ahead of you on the last turn.

When you get access to faster cars is when the camera really starts to become an issue. The camera is usually behind you, but once bring a faster car on the tracks with quicker turns the camera will spin around you trying to get back behind you. I would constantly lose track of where I was, and feel a little dizzy. The other camera option didn’t help me much either. I had switch to it thinking it would help me out a bit, but in the end it was too hard to readjust to a new way of looking at it.

Bang Bang Racing is a pretty game. It has that out of the toy box look. The jumping heads in the stands remind me those little Fisher-Price toys. Even the cars have that for preschoolers look. With so many racing games trying to go for that ultra realistic look it’s refreshing to see something different. There are even some cool effects during the race. The way the water splashes up when you hit a barrel, or the way oil slicks light on fire if you use turbo while driving over them.

Final Truth:

In the end Bang Bang Racing is an average game. It really doesn’t justify the $10 price tag with its lack of modes and features. In this new world where Xbox LIVE Arcade games are becoming as good as retail games, it’s odd to see this game next to Trials Evolution and Shadow Complex. If this game was $5 or on an iOS device I would say give it a shot, but for 800 MS Points Bang Bang Racing isn’t really worth it.

[xrr label=”Rating: 5.0/10″ rating=5.0/10]

+ Quick fun
+ Looks great
Gets boring after a while
Lacking for modes & features

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