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Published on June 8th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

E3: The Walking Dead Episode 2 is too Scary for You

Warning: The following may contain spoilers! Read at your own discretion.

So, what does a bloody hand and a Telltale Games have in common? A lot actually.

Telltale Games has done a magnificent job focusing on what people know as a popular TV show. What is more important about their storytelling feat is that they’ve managed to maintain the comic’s storyline integrity. Coming towards the back end of June we will be seeing yet another episode release for our viewing and interactive pleasure.

We sat down for a brief presentation during E3 2012 to get a sneak peak as to what we can expect from the story driven company and the second episode into The Walking Dead series.

This won't hurt a bit. Which is largely due to the fact that you're dead.

Richard Iggo, who is the Senior Director of Marketing for Telltale Games, gave us the rundown on the next installment into the digital series. In Episode 2, the story continues three months after the events of Episode 1. The Army and Police force have dissipated and only Marshall Law exists. The group has also taken shelter at the Motor Inn, but have also become starved of food. Starvation and group tension are only elevated by the struggle for leadership.

The scene we were shown opens up with Lee sent out in the woods to hunt for food. After rationing the food supply, it has started running desperately low and they will need to bring at least something back to help out. He discovers a rabbit that was stripped by walkers. He soon hears yelling in the distance and first thinks it is Kenny, who was off in the distance. After Kenny joins, they are soon are met with a group of teenage jocks and their teacher, who is caught in a bear trap. The next series of events, including the possible amputation of parts, will also delegate the outcome of what happens next at the camp. This bloody scene was unexpected but pretty damn cool on Telltale’s part.

Something that I did notice about the woodland scene was the general depth and quality of the onscreen graphics. Ridges in the trees were outlined and rich in detail. The character animations were also smooth and fluid. As they quietly crept through the forest there was a light sound of branches scratching and swaying in the breeze. This of course was all interrupted from the screams of terror.

From some of the conversation trees that were outlined in the story, it is well known that your decisions affect the outcome of the game. In the second episode, those choices that were previously made in the first will carry over. This was showcased in a specific way after the scene in the woods took place. A brief discussion held by Lee and Kenny in the woods later leads to a confrontation as it is regurgitated in front of the group.

In the demo presentation, the sequence of events also housed the prior decision to save one of the characters, Doug. Having saved him, Doug now has come back to camp and used his analytical and tactical skills to create a full warning system for walkers if they approach. If he hadn’t been saved, a totally different scenario would have played out.

As stated before, there is now tension among the varied members staying at the Motor Inn. In this scenario Lilly, who is the group’s leader, has asked not to be the one to make decisions any longer and passes the torch onto Lee after a heated discussion takes place. At this point, Lee must distribute the four pieces of food left to the nine survivors present.

This might seem like an easy decision to make, but even simple “this” or “that” answers come with a high level of contemplation. How will people in the group react? What will they do in the future? Will they be on my side? These are all questions that were pondered and discussed before handing off the food to the right people. So, what do you do with the last piece of food? These are all questions that even as simplistic as it may seem, will vary the experience for each player.

In the last part of the scene we are poised to either take the food for oneself, or distribute it. The conversation that happened in the woods is brought up yet again and plays a part in the next sequence of events. In this case we’ve one character who is growing weaker by the day, and Larry who is a bit stronger, both of which are reinforcing a barrier wall to keep out the undead. So, who needs it most? Give it to the weaker person, or Lilly’s father, Larry. He also just so happens to be the topic that was discussed out in the woods earlier in the day.

As stated before, the episodes will rely heavily on the comic’s storyline and touch pieces of the TV show. Some themes that you will find within are how you manage relationships with characters, the balance of power, and how Lilly and her father react towards the rest of the group. This will be spread out within five episodes total and should keep you replaying them for different events to occur based on your decisions made.

After finding myself caught up in the season of The Walking Dead, the episode seen in the presentation only made me want to go and read the comics. It also made me hungry for a large hunk of turkey meat. Gobble, gobble!

Episode 2 is slated to release sometime near the end of June

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