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Published on June 3rd, 2012 | by Andre Gamble, Contributor

The Nintendo Pre E3 2012 Show Summary

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is like Christmas in June for video game fans worldwide. The weeks and days leading up to the press presentations are filled with wild guess, surprises and disappointments. This year Nintendo launched a preemptive strike with a coming out party for the Wii U.

In a prerecorded video Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, opened the pre-show saying Nintendo is trying to create something unique with the Wii U. Iwata first showed off the redesigned Wii U Gamepad. Two analog sticks now replaced the two circle pads. The name gamepad comes from the nickname given to the Nintendo Entertainment Systems controller.

In this prerecorded video, the Wii U Gamepad had the ability to be used as a universal controller for TVs. The gamepad can also be used to video chat with other Wii U owners.

The Wii U Pro controller was also shown quickly. The controller has an Xbox 360 controller form factor with the analog sticks in the same positions as a PlayStation 3 Dual Shock 3.

The biggest news of the show was probably the Miiverse. The Miiverse is a tool to communicate with friends. You can send doodles, typed, or hand written messages.

The Miiverse is not only meant to connect friends to one another, but also people playing who are playing the same game as each other. There was also talk of wara wara which is a term that roughly translates to the sound of people gathering in groups. This is the same gathering that players will see when turning on the Wii U console.

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Nintendo’s proper E3 press presentation is on June 5th 9AM PST. Expect more news on the Wii U. Make sure to stay tuned to GAMINGtruth.com as we will be live blogging from the press conference.


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