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Published on May 31st, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition is a Fanboy’s Dream

Earlier today SEGA revealed an Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition that will surely put any diehard Alien fan into hysterics. With this pack players can finally stop voicing the famously whiny Private Hudson and instead play as him in the multiplayer mode. Now everyone can share their version of “We’re screwed, man!” with happy Xbox LIVE players everywhere, which will surely freshen up the usual discourse on human gentalia.

The edition also comes with other pieces of iconic nostalgia just waiting to never be taken out of its original packaging.

The collector’s edition includes:

  • High Quality Resin Powerloader Figurine in Limited Edition Xeno Hive Box
  • Four playable movie characters: Private Hudson, Corporal Hicks, Private Drake and Sergeant Apone.
  • Additional marines character customization options
  • Ripley’s Flamethrower
  • Exclusive multiplayer weapons:  Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers and the Phase Plasma Rifle
  • Exclusive game level: USCM Academy Firing Range
  • USCM Dossier: Includes the Mission Brief, USS Sephora Schematic, Recruitment Card, and LV-426 Recon Photo
  • USCM iron-on badges: USCM Graduation Certificate

If the $99.99 price tag is a bit steep, you can still reward yourself and others with tiresome Hudson dialogue by pre-ordering the game at GameStop. That edition includes:

  • Four Playable Movie Characters: Private Hudson, Corporal Hicks, Private Drake and Sergeant Apone.
  • Additional Marines Character Customization Options
  • Ripley’s Flamethrower

Until then, better get some practice!

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