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Published on May 21st, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Pid, a Platformer with Mustaches and Robots

What’s so great about platformers, anyway? You jump. You move. You win. Oh, only if it were that simple.

Pid looks to be yet another gem surfacing in this time of robust first person shooter war based games. It doesn’t have the stamp of a huge game publisher on it, but it does have something different. The game looks like it shares similarities with the GAMINGtruth loved title, Rochard. There are physic based abilities and the art style seems to ride along the same lines.

Something that does separate Pid from similar titles could hurt, or excel the games platforming prowess. The game introduces a co-op multiplayer in which players work together to solve puzzles. From the looks of it though, the cooperative play might not even cause level advancement or mechanics to skip a beat.

It´s our ambition to create an experience that has the elegant simplicity of old adventure games, where the most important ingredient is rhythm found not only in the relation between story and visuals but also in the way the game plays,” said Jakob Tuchten, creative director, Might and Delight. “We’re building a refreshing experience that pays homage to the days of classic platform games while bringing something completely new to the global gaming marketplace.”

The game also comes to us from a veteran of the industry. Adam Boyes, President of Beefy Media, worked on the digital title Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Pid looks like the correct platform to reach in order to achieve that prized level of success.

Pid is slated to release on digital platforms in 2012. Stay posted for our E3 2012 coverage!

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