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Published on March 17th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Kid Icarus: Uprising LA Event Recap

If you missed the previous word on the Kid Icarus: Uprising Tournaments, well, you pretty much missed your chance to fly out to New York on Nintendo’s bill.

The KI:U tour has hit some of the major cities in the United States looking for lucky contestants that can put up their skills and reign supreme in the world of handheld video game multiplayer. The most recent of these events was held in a GameStop in West Hollywood, CA. The event kicked off with some contenders piling into lines just to ensure they had a spot to register. Although some came out and couldn’t work their magic with the stylus, others prepped, battled and put the points on the board.

Early on, players like 19 year old Scott Mylneux from Orange County, CA, were looking to become victorious with Pit. He had traveled with his mother who also participated in the tournament for an attempt to pull out the big ‘W’. Scott was just like any other challenger in the building and definitely wasn’t going to let his autism get the better of him.

When asked if he was going to win the tournament, Scott simply replied, “I don’t know, but I’m going for it.” Although Scott was looking to put his day of learned skills to the test, it wasn’t going to be enough to fill that final spot. With single elimination in full effect, he wouldn’t have another chance to make it into the ranks.

The basic layout of the tournament grouped the players into 12 teams. These teams were shuffled into two stations where they could get some hands-on time with demo units and get familiar with the weaponry of the game. Next, they were then seated into the six person station where they would compete in the elimination round. The station had two sides, one side Light and the other, you guessed it–Dark. The highest scoring person out of the six would continue on to the finals.

These were the winners of each round:

1st Brian N.
2nd Josue A
3rd Zayd A.
4th Prince
5th Alex C.
6th Morvin A.
7th Garrett M.
8th Kyle
9th Ryan C.
10th Ludwin M.
11th Jessica J.
12th Raymond P.

The single elimination rounds gave way to some quick progress, but it also left a lot of wait time in between. For players like second round winner Josue A., he had to wait until his turn was up again. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there weren’t ten more rounds to sit through. Even though he could be seen chatting it up with his son and others, there were plenty of signs of restlessness as we came closer to the 11th and 12th round wrap up.

From left to right: Front Row: Zayb A., Jessica J., Second Row: Brian N., Alexander C., Garrett M., Josue A. Third Row: Raymond P., Ludwin M., Prince J., Morvin A., Kyle B., Ryan C.

To switch it up in the finals, players were split between the three stations. The two demo stations were now used as scoring stations. In order for three top players to emerge, they would have to have the highest score of 12. Players were also shuffled in-between stations after completing a round, which meant going from a standing to a sitting position. This mixed it up a little bit and did not allow someone to get comfortable on the same map or station.

After making way through some of the tight corridors, to open areas in other maps, it was an all-out brawl until the end. Josue battled as his son cheered him on from behind. But, in the end, there would only be three selected regardless of which side you were on.

Many of the contestants were left to tap toes and nervously check their phones. As the Nintendo representatives tallied up the scores, those waiting literally bit their nails in anticipation. Finally, Kit Ellis, a Nintendo Representative, announced the winners. The final scoring was very close, but three finalists walked away ready to fly to the Big Apple.

Alex Casillas 19 (Center), Orange County,CA
Final Score: 2,893.

Brian Najm 18 (Left), Fresno,CA
Final Score: 2,872

Garrett Medina 19 (Right), Santa Monica, CA
Final Score: 2,221

Make sure to check out Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Official Site and on its March 23rd launch date.

All photos and video by Joey Mercado.
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