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Published on March 14th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Nintendo Drops AR Cards by the Hundreds

Could Kid Icarus: Uprising become the new Skylanders? If you thought that toys that turn into video game characters wouldn’t get crazy, then check out some of these prices for them on eBay.

Granted, Kid Icarus if far from being a toy-crazed franchise, the AR cards are sure to come with some collectability in mind.

The game itself will release with six randomly chosen cards out of the possible pool of 20. If you head over to the Nintendo Rewards site, there is a little surprise waiting for you there.GameStop will also hold their exclusive sets during play sessions of the title on April 14th from 1-4. Here are the five cards to receive:

  • Eggplant Wizard
  • Skyscraper Club
  • Fireworks Cannon
  • Minos
  • Fiend’s Cauldron

If you are planning on being in New York–or live there, on March 23 the Nintendo World store will also hand out the Three Sacred Treasures card as a special gift when you purchase the game in house. Hold on to your Pegasus ’cause there is more where that came from.

GameInformer and Nintendo Power will also produce their own packs of special cards. In the April edition of GameInformer, the Power of Flight card will be included individually, whereas a three pack (Poseidon, Thanatos – God of Death and Medusa) will be dropped into the Nintendo Power edition. Best Buy is also taking part of the AR hotness by releasing Pit, Pandora and Samurai Blade. These cards will be featured in Best Buy’s @Gamer magazine that is carried in store.

Not enough? well, if you plan on attending WonderCon or PAX East, make sure to drop by the Nintendo booth for special AR packs. Wherever you will be, so will the AR cards.

Make sure to check back here for our continued coverage of Kid Icarus: Uprising events and stay posted for the official GAMINGtruth review.

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