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Published on March 11th, 2012 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

In With the Old, Out With the New – Week 6

Here at GAMINGtruth.com, one thing we all love is retro games.  Majority of the staff has their own personal collections of games and systems and play them often.  We encourage our readers to step away from the new, just for a little bit, and go back to the games that made modern gaming possible.  However, the GAMINGtruth staff understands how difficult that could be sometimes. Not everybody saved their older gaming consoles and, unless you score at a yard sale or thrift store, buying older consoles and games could be pricey.

However, developers have been re-releasing some of their classic games.  This time, you could play on the go, anytime you want.  No, it is not a Nintendo DS or a PlayStation Vita or PSP.  Surprisingly, a number of these classic games can be played on iOS devices.  Apple’s App Store has a number of retro games available at a cheaper price than you will find for the console version.

Ever week, GAMINGtruth.com will highlight one of these games no retro gamer, or iOS device owner, should not be without.

This week

X-Men (Arcade)

Arcades in the mid to late ’90s saw a revolution in quality games.  Many of the great arcade games were being replaced by more elaborate, graphics heavy, and interactive games like Daytona USA, House of the Dead, and Time Crisis.  However some older arcade games continued to draw crowds of gamers.  One of those games was X-Men.

Over the years X-Men managed to continue to draw crowds because it had a strong niche.  The arcade machine appealed to X-Men fans, retro gamers, and (for the majority of us) retro gamers who are X-Men fans.  The latter being a powerful combination.  The characters and themes that make the X-Men franchise popular, even today, can be seen in the iOS update.  In the X-Men arcade game, your character felt like the character from the comics/television show.  Each character had their strengths and unique mutant power.  The use of their mutant power had different effects on enemies. Other similar arcade games released around X-Men had character selection, but the characters had the same abilities and strengths.

With its continuing popularity, Konami decided to release an Apple iOS port of X-Men alongside the PlayStation 3 and Xbox Live Arcade releases.  With less content than its console big brother, X-Men for Apple iOS devices is just as amazing.  Currently at $0.99 through the Apple App Store, X-Men offer the four-person arcade cabinet version of the game.  Local online multiplayer is supported with up to three other gamers bringing the experience that much closer to the arcade experience.

The gameplay is untouched from the arcade version making the iOS version a faithful port.  The gameplay is smooth and rarely any lag while online even when the game gets frantic on harder difficulties with players all using their mutant power.  The touch controls are responsive.  Doing a jump attack is just as easy to do as it is on the arcade cabinet, which is very helpful if you find yourself being surrounded by enemies.

X-Men is considered to be an all-time arcade classic.  It can still be found in arcades today, with the familiar crowd around the machine.  Having the ability to play this arcade classic anytime and anywhere is truly a retro gamers’ dream.  Just like the arcade cabinet, the iOS port of the game appeals to a number of people ranging from young and old.  At just $0.99, compared to the number of quarters you used to play this game in an arcade, X-Men is a wonderful and fun addition to anybody’s iOS game library.

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