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Published on March 5th, 2012 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

The Strange Games that I Love

Being a video game journalist, collector, and enthusiast, I have played a lot of games over time. Some were good, some were bad, some were terrible, but some just stick with you. I have played a countless number of games, but there exist some that are considered bad, which I love. Sometimes I can figure out why, sometimes I can’t. This is my personal list of strange games that I love, for some unknown reason.

Game: Geist

Platform: Nintendo Gamecube

While not a terrible game, Geist was surely an underachiever. The graphics were muddy, the shooting was weak, and it was met with general disinterest from must gamers and media outlets. The thing that always intrigued me about Geist was that you were a ghost, and you could possess a lot of things in the game. You could take over a dog to bark at a guard to scare him. You could possess a fire extinguisher to spray a guard walking by and freak him out. Is there a tight space that you can’t get through? Possess a rat! When you scare the guards, you then can possess them to get fire power and advance through areas of the game. The execution was a bit lacking, but it made for a ton of fun moments in the game that really stood out to me. I’d love to see a sequel, but for now, Geist will be a one of my strange obsessions.

Game: Virtua Fighter 32x

Platform: Sega 32X

Remember the 32X? Yeah, most people don’t. It was an attachment that allowed “32-bit” graphics and games onto the Genesis. It was basically a placeholder for the SEGA Saturn, and was abandoned after barely a year with only a small library of games. Like the Atari Jaguar, the system was more focused on ‘bits’ than actual quality titles. Virtua Fighter 32X was a blocky mess of graphics with muffled sound, but it did have that classic Virtua Fighter game play. Also, it was a ‘3D’ fighter on the 32X. The Saturn version was released with the console launch in May 1995, and this version followed in August 1995. I own the Saturn version as well, but I always find myself wanting to play the 32X one. I even have a sealed copy that I consider one of my prize possessions. Maybe it’s the fact that it had no business being on the 32X in the first place, but I enjoy playing this game. Everything about it was second rate, but the fact that SEGA tried so hard to put it on a cartridge is what made me love it.

Game: Congo: The Lost City Of Zinj

Platform: Sega Saturn

While Geist and Virtua Fighter 32X are iffy but playable, this game is hardly acceptable. The graphics are confusing and muddy, you will get lost very easily, and the game gives me terrible headaches and vertigo. It looks like Duke Nukem 3D on low PC settings with mud everywhere. Yet, I still play it and continue to carry on. Why? Simple, I must find out what happens to Kabalo. Between his horrible acting and funny accent, you play as Kabalo, a man trying to find the City of Zinj in order to claim diamonds (similar to the movie). I could try to tell you why you should love Kabalo, but I feel this video tells you everything you need to know. I will keep you safe Kabalo, now let us find the diamonds!

Game: Wild Snake

Platform: Super Nintendo

Wild Snake is similar to Tetris, except instead of blocks you have snakes. You match up the colors of the snakes, and that takes them off your board. It’s a basic puzzle game, and I’m not really into puzzle games at all. So why do I play it? The music. Ohhh the music. For some reason it just captivates me. It sounds like something out of Aladdin, except instead of throwing apples at guards, you are matching up snake colors. Not a bad game, but not something I’d normally play. I just love the music so much that I must match up these snakes of different colors and length. I think it almost hypnotizes me.

Game: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

I’ll be honest with you here, I have no idea why I like this game. It flat out sucks; terrible graphics, horrible weapons, the control is stiff as a board, there is really no redeeming quality to this game. The story interested me at first, and I don’t know, maybe that was the driving force behind my love of this game. I would find myself texting my buddy Melot and asking him “Did you hear what fell today? Liberty. Liberty fell today, and this is my Turning Point.” The strangest thing is that when my second PlayStation 3 broke, I sold my collection of games. Well, all but one. Take a guess at what remains…

We are thinking of doing this as a ongoing article with other members of the GAMINGtruth.com team saying what games they love for a strange reason. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what our readers enjoy playing even though it’s strange that they do! Be sure to use the comment box below or post on our Facebook page!

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