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Published on February 21st, 2012 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Dungeon Hunter Alliance Review

Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: Feb. 15, 2012
MSRP: $39.99 / $34.99 DL

Dungeon Hunter Alliance is an odd game to review. There were three different versions of this game released and since this is a launch title for the PlayStation Vita, I have to look at from the perspective of someone who hasn’t played this game yet. In that instance the game is pretty decent. There are some major flaws, but the game as a whole is a decent launch title. If you have played the game before on other devices, you will notice that there isnt much difference. A lot has been carried over to this version and is substantially cheaper as a downloadable game. $12.99 to be exact.

The gameplay of Dungeon Hunter is an action/RPG that plays a lot like Diablo. Kill enemies to gain loot, experience and money. You will find treasure throughout the game that will give you better weapons and armor. The Vita brings something different to the game with the touchscreen. You can zoom in on the battlefield with the front screen. The back touch pad can be used to control the fairy that follows your character around and can uncover buried treasure.

Combat is an up and down battle. If you play as a ranged character, the Mage for example , you can take out groups of enemies with ease, and boss battles will not be that challenging. However, if you play as a melee character you will find many challenges as the games hit detection and combat will feel very clunky. Your character will swing and miss a great deal and leaves the gamer playing more of a button masher than any kind of RPG.

The classic mechanics are in place and function fairly well. You can outfit and customize your characters skill sets at any given time by hitting the “select” button. You can use the “auto-equip” function that will put any item on your character that you pick up that is in higher quality and power. You can also “auto-transmute” which will turn items you collect into gold. Your gold you collect can be spent at the merchants you find in the game, or on potions (which is where all my money went).

When you level up your character, enemies will level up along with you. So at not time will you feel completely powerful to enemies that are lower level than you. They will always be within one level of you. When you are outnumbered by enemies the game seems to hit a lagging point. Frame rate will drop and enemies seem to skip all over the screen.

The Games collision and hit detection is weak. There will be many times that you will be encountered by a large group of enemies and targeting a specific enemy will not happen. Button mashing will also lead you to a lot of missed attacks. It is extremely noticeable when you have an enemy that is standing still and it takes you three swings of your weapon before it registers a hit.

Dungeon Hunter‘s prime excellence resides in its multiplayer. You can play with up to four different players with any mix of classes. The loot is color coded so you can determine what is rare, and what class can use what item. The only downfall to the games multiplayer is the fact that every player in your game is locked to one screen. You do not have the free will of your own individual screen.

Final Truth:

We all have played Dungeon Hunter in some shape or form in the past. This being the first of its kind on the Vita leaves many possibilities to what the genre can bring to the table of the handhelds. It is a fun hack-and-slash game with plenty of loot for those treasure hunters out there. There will be plenty of life left in this game considering the multiplayer is fun, however some technical hiccups leave much to be desired from this title. The story is weak but when your playing through the relatively short story with friends it can make up a little for the story’s shortcomings.

[xrr label=”Rating: 6.5/10″ rating=6.5/10]

+ Fun hack-and-slash game
+ Graphically looks good
+ Loot
Combat is clunky
Framerate issues
Poor hit detection
Weak story

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