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Published on February 19th, 2012 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Twisted Metal Review

Developer: Eat, Sleep, Play
Publisher: Sony Entertainment
Release Date: Feb. 14, 2012
MSRP: $59.99

After sitting down with game creator David Jaffe in Las Vegas last year, I had a strong feeling that Twisted Metal was going to be an excellent game. He spoke very passionately about the game and the development process and the creative freedom that Sony had given him to implement everything that he wanted in a Twisted Metal game. Yes, we all know the game had received the M rating, but David Jaffe had made a creative decision that it we are going to receive the M rating then lets push the boundaries on what we plan to do. Thus gives us the new, first iteration on the PlayStation 3, version of Twisted Metal. But does David Jaffe’s promises live up to the promise of the franchise? Abso-F***in-Lutely!

Twisted Metal is a little bit different than previous iterations. In this version there are only three characters that enter the Twisted Metal tournament, which is looked over by the evil Calypso. The combatants battle across the world in cars outfitted with some serious weaponry used to destroy their competitors. Each character has their own faction, or gang if you will that will essentially make it gang wars in cars. With each character in the game, the single0player campaign is split into three chapters. One for Sweet Tooth, Doll Face and Mr. Grimm. Each chapter becomes more and more difficult and are concluded by an awesome, and extremely hard, boss battle.

Graphically the game looks remarkable. The car models, environments and damage system all look amazing and will leave you in awe. The framerate never seemed to drop, even with all the havoc that was happening on screen. I have seen many comments and reviews on the game already and have heard the complaints about the live-action cut-scenes in the story mode, however I actually enjoyed them. Granted, I agree that the story mode was horrible, and had holes that would require plaster board to fill, but the live action cut-scenes were not that big of a deterrence.

The most important element to a game of this magnitude is, how does the game control? The gameplay mechanics are difficult to master and will be tricky, however once you learn the controls the rewards are strong. The game does have that old school arcade feel to it and will have you playing at the edge of your chair throughout. Each car you drive does have different gauges that give the drivers unique abilities. Armor, speed and weapons are all different, and each level you drive in also has different boosts and power-up spread evenly throughout. The different weapon variations is a blast to play through.

With the story mode only being a six hour experience, the games strength relies in its multiplayer, and let me tell you, it is utter chaos and pure arcade fun. For those of you that like to play split-screen, or want to host a Twisted Metal LAN party then you will be pleased to know that this game does support those modes. The game has many fun game modes in both ranked and un-ranked formats. You earn experience, which in turn can unlock weapons, cars and skins in the games ranked modes. Yes, online may seem like chaos, but if you stick with it and continue to learn the game-play then you will be addicted. One of the nuances that seem to be troublesome, especially when it’s time to be precise, is that the games target, and lock-on system seem to target the wrong target and in turn force you manually change targets.

Final Truth:

Twisted Metal is a fantastic game, with a couple of minor nuances. The story mode is nothing to gloat over, however the multiplayer is the best that I have played in quite a while. It has been a little while since I turned my PlayStation 3 on, and Twisted Metal has got my system clocking overtime. The game will challenge you, it will force you to learn it, and study the game play. If you do that you will quickly emerge from the chaos that is online gameplay.

[xrr label=”Rating: 9.5/10″ rating=9.5/10]

+ Awesome multiplayer
+ Challenging
+ Graphics
Weak story
Targeting system
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