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Published on February 19th, 2012 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

In With the Old, Out With the New – Week 3

Here at GAMINGtruth.com, one thing we all love is retro games. The majorities of the staff has their own personal collections of games and systems–and play them often. We encourage our readers to step away from the new, just for a little bit, and go back to the games that made modern gaming possible. However, the GAMINGtruth staff understands how difficult that could be sometimes. Not everybody saved their older gaming consoles, and unless you score at a yard sale or thrift store–buying older consoles and games could be pricey.

However, developers have been re-releasing some of their classic games. This time, you could play on the go, anywhere you want. No, it is not a Nintendo DS or a PlayStation Vita, or even a PSP. Surprisingly, a number of these classic games can be played on iOS devices. Apple’s App Store has a number of retro games available at a cheaper price than you will find for the console version.

Every week, GAMINGtruth.com will highlight one of these games no retro gamer, iOS device owner should not be without.

This week, NBA Jam

It seems fitting to be discussing NBA Jam this week with the recent All-Star Game and media sensation “Linsanity.” Sport arcade machines used to be hardly seen and they were often simplified simulations of the game.NBA Jam developed what would be the “arcade style” sports game. Without NBA Jam, I don’t think there would be games like NFL Blitz (read the HD release review here), NHL Hitz, or even NBA Showtime. With its no-rules and over the top gameplay, NBA Jam was addicting fun.

The NBA Jam series has been through a number of transformations since its initial arcade release. The iOS release of NBA Jam was in conjunction with its big brother NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. EA Sports reverted back to the classic release. No challenges or bosses, just straight two-on-two basketball.

The original arcade had great shot balance. In addition of trying to make a crazy dunks, you could make a mid-range shot just as easy. The releases after the original focused more on the crazy dunks and street-ball handling. The series became a “dunk-fest” and crossover show. EA Sports released there rendition of NBA Jam back in 2010 and it still focused on dunking rather than shooting. However EA Sports fixed the shot balancing issue when it released NBA Jam for the iOS.

The iOS version of NBA Jam is an HD update of the original arcade game. At USD $0.99 for the iPhone/iTouch versions and $4.99 for the HD iPad versions, NBA Jam is affordable for the amount of content that is in the game. Made to support the retina display of the iPad 2, NBA Jam is gorgeous. The game is filled with details that will make every fan of the NBA and original NBA Jam excited. You will have updated rosters (keep in mind this does not mean a daily up-to-date roster), ability to pick your players, actual player faces/reactions, and numerous of unlockables including playable basketball legends.

Playing the game feels like the arcade version of the game. If it’s dunking, throwing an alley-oop, or opening yourself (by throwing those elbows) for a mid-ranged/ 3-point shot, EA Sports developed NBA Jam with the original arcade version in mind. You still have the ability to push your opponent without consequence, and the touch screen is extremely responsive. The only control that has significantly changed is the crossover. To crossover, simply shack the device. It is odd to do at first, but just like the original game, the crossover is sometimes considered an unnecessary move.

The original NBA Jam was extremely popular because of the arcade style appealing to large group of people. I could ask for nothing more for having a classic sports arcade game available on the go. Most sport’s games are poorly developed and have bad controls when it comes to handheld gaming, but NBA Jam stays faithful to the original while being completely overhauled. NBA Jam is a guaranteed “slam dunk” for your buck.

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