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Published on February 3rd, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

BioWare Hints at Future Mass Effect Titles

So what are your plans once the credits start rolling at the end of Mass Effect 3? Are you going to hold out for some DLC? Or maybe brush off your hands, call it a day, and dump that save file to make some room for the next big thing? Well, hold the hell on there, chief, because BioWare may have something else up its sleeves.

During a recent interview with OXM UK, executive producer Michael Gamble had a few interesting words to pass along.

“Without going down any specific path, you can think of many, many different areas throughout the IP, throughout the history, where there are large wars to be won, large battles to be had, and a lot of development to be done around where these races came from, how they came about,” he said when asked about the future of Mass Effect. “We have so much to draw from,”

“We haven’t made a decision about whether we’ll do anything in the future, but if we were to do something, we just have a lot of information to choose from,” he continued.

“Obviously, for Mass Effect 3 it’s Shepard’s story and this is where Shepard’s story finishes, but the future is wide open for what we can possibly do.”

Gaming website GamerZines posted some more advice given by Gamble: “It wouldn’t be a bad idea (to keep your ME3 saves),” Gamble said. “Obviously I can’t say anything, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea…”

One of the most famous features of the Mass Effect franchise is the utilization of save files from the previous game, or games for Mass Effect 3, and use that info to change events based on decisions made by players. While Commander Shepard will see the end of his journey with Mass Effect 3, BioWare may yet use the unique paths and decisions the players made to mold storylines of future titles in the franchise.

Could the choices made in the original Mass Effect create a ripple that change the course of future Mass Effect games? It’s obvious now that the folks at BioWare are considering that very thing. Let’s hope they come up with something good.

I’d hate to see a few planets wiped off the face of the galaxy because I clocked that nosey reporter. She had it coming, damnit.

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