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[Editorial] Countdown to the Vita

I have yet to purchase a console or portable on its launch day. It is about time I start.

The PlayStation Vita, Sony’s newest handheld, released in Japan last month to an incredible opening weekend. However, the sales plummeted shortly after. The portable is quite pricey including the ridiculously priced memory cards. Regardless of all that, I placed my preorder for the US release of the Vita which is Feb. 22, 2012.

So why am I selling important body parts (not really) to be able to afford a handheld that is priced higher then most home consoles?

Simple. The OLED screen and it’s amazing graphics.

Too often nowadays, gamers seem to worry about all the extra stuff. The complaints about the Vita do not bother me at all. According to various reviews, the camera leaves much to be desired. Why everything even needs a camera these days is something I will never begin to understand. The rear facing camera does allow for the use of augmented reality experiences so as long as you are into that, the camera quality should be fine.

Other complaints are about the sheer size of the PS Vita. With a 5-inch screen, the Vita is slightly bigger then its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable. I could see where people may worry about stuffing this gigantic handheld in their pocket, but my pocket is not going to be the general destination for carrying my Vita around.

Of course I want to run around as Nathan Drake whenever I get the chance

The thing I am most excited for when it comes to the PS Vita is the launch titles and the future releases. Let’s face it: gaming should be about the games and the Vita does not disappoint me, personally, when it comes to titles. Yes, I am really excited to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss and LittleBigPlanet without having to sit in front of the television all day long. It is going to be great to be able to play these anywhere. Other launch titles like Little Deviants and Gravity Rush have me thoroughly interested.

Gravity Rush is the type of quirky, Japanese game I love

Hopefully I am not going to sell my soul for $250 (plus super expensive memory card and games) when Feb. 22 gets here to only be disappointed with the handheld. Only getting my hands on this will tell. Even still, I am excited as of this moment.

Anticipated pros (+) The games, the size of the screen, the motion sensor, the touchscreens (both front and rear)

Anticipated cons (-) the cameras, the UI, Near (sorta like Nintendo 3DS’s Streetpass), the battery life (obviously)


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One Response to [Editorial] Countdown to the Vita

  1. Anonymous says:

    I so wanted to be excited about the the VITA, I really did, but now I have trouble speaking anything but ill for the device.

    I’ve waited a long, very long time for a handheld to have dual analog sticks. Why the hell it took this long for a device to add something as simple as a second (very much needed) second control stick was beyond me, now I’m thinking it was a patent issue, it’s the only explanation. So yeah that’s at least one point for Sony’s VITA. 

    There’s that nice OLED display. Sure it’s big and colorful, but 544p is not top of the line anymore (720p like in the Galaxy Nexus is) and it’s an uncommon resolution at that. The back touch panel complimenting the touch screen is a novel idea, I’ll give them that.

    I’ve always thought the PSP and the original DS were over sized and awkward for a portable device expected to fit in your pocket, now this VITA is even BIGGER? If I wanted a gaming device that I couldn’t fit in my pocket and had to carry around in my hands all day then I’d buy a laptop for Jebus sakes!

    Then there is the price. See, this brings up a conundrum for me. Should I buy a cheap smartphone and a dedicated handheld gaming device, or take the cost of the gaming device and use it to get a better smartphone? The 3DS cost $170, that would get me an ok phone. But now the VITA cost $250 PLUS at least $20 all the way up to $100 for 32GB for the memory card! So you’re looking at $270 to $350! I could get a top of the line Android or an iphone 4s for that and have some left over. And If I went for the 3G VITA model I’d have to pay another $30 every month for data… Why in hell would I do that when I’m already paying that for my cell phone’s data??? I think it’s obvious Sony has targeted the richest %1 to sell this device to, because the other %99 could never afford it.

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