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Published on November 19th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

‘Splosion Man Literally ‘Splodes into Retro City Rampage

There couldn’t be a more fitting addition to the already retro filled-to-the-gills title known as Retro City Rampage. The game pays homage to all of those cartridges we have packed away in our storage sheds, attics and game rooms. These are more than just hoarded memories or keepsakes, but rather, a reminder of a simpler time of button mashing and pixelated pleasures. Now, mix those elements with modern violent games and we’ve got something perfectly explainable for our current-gen consoles.

In this showcase of 8-bit glory we get to see the effortless crossover of ‘Splosion Man into the busy city. Take out cars, pedestrians, and even the law with the magical powers of ‘Splosion. If that weren’t enough, the game also promises to bring the feistiness of Ms. Splosion Man to put some more goods on the table.

Retro City Rampage itself promises over 80 story missions throughout Theftropolis City. Similar to the GTA style of play, gamers can jump right into the destruction of the those inhabiting the environment or progress the games story. Even though this is one of the first implications of crossover characters, the games creator, Biran Provinciano, also hints at finding more indie game characters within the exploration of the city limits.

*Retro City Rampage is set to ‘splode your socks off in early 2012.

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