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Published on November 12th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Super Mario 3D Land Gets Real

Mario was the first video game character that I can remember controlling. His notable mustache and saving of Princess Peach wasn’t just confined to a video game. During my childhood Mario shared Saturday morning cartoon screen time with some other heavy hitters, and even a line of toys in my favorite kid’s meal. The Super Mario Bros. series also saw the light of the big screen, which some choose not to talk about due to emotional scarring, which brought the digital characters to the real world. It would be very easy to say that the Super Mario Bros. franchise has reached the “one of the most notable video game character/series” hierarchy.

Mario himself has transcended generations of Nintendo consoles and players. During his lifespan, consoles have gone from puny to powerful and he has seen himself wearing many different hats, literally. From raccoon to racer, problem solver to fire spitter, we have seen it all. Most importantly of these many roles, he has been the loveable action star known as Super Mario. Don’t get me wrong–Luigi is up there, too.

Nintendo recently combined all of these Mario elements and brought them to real life in order to promote the release of Super Mario 3D Land which drops Nov. 13, 2011. For some lucky citizens of New York City, Military Island at Times Square, was turned virtual into reality. Although the event took place many miles away from the rest of us fans out there, Nintendo was kind enough to provide us a quick video of the events.

Do not fret if you were not there in person to reenact your favorite scenes from the game. Tomorrow is another day and the day in which the tanooki suit returns. In the meantime, enjoy!

*Also, hats off to you tanooki suit guy, you’ve got fire-balls.

Video thanks to Vidicom for Nintendo.

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