Published on November 2nd, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Pledge Your Support For Indies With The Humble Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle in itself is a tradition where gamers and Indie developers come together to tap a vein of generosity that serves as a lifeline to the Indies community. Active members of this ever-growing and robust community know the Humble Bundle quite well, and can identify with what it represents. It’s more than just a sale on a few great games–it’s a communal fundraising event in which anyone and everyone can participate, whether you’re an adept to the community or a veteran Indies fan. As always, the Humble Bundles offer gamers the chance to not only support the community but to also support a great cause like the Child’s Play Charity.

And, as always, gamers can choose to pay what they want for the bundle. As long as you pay more than the current average ($4.69) you’ll get all three games. Buying these titles separately could run you up to $25, so this is a steal.

This year the Humble Bundle features a triple helping of Indie goodness with a trio of fantastic and enjoyable PC titles that will keep you entertained for hours: the Dream Build Play 2011 Grand Prize Winner Blocks That Matter from Swing Swing Submarine, the infamous dark and hilarious roguelike dungeon delver Binding of Isaac from Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen, and Voxatron, an awesome Indie mashup with voxel-style graphics and old-school shooter elements.

I’ve personally played Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter, so I can confidently and highly recommend these titles to just about every game out there, especially players who enjoy zany and classic Indies.

Along with the massive savings, gamers can choose how their purchase is divided amongst the developers, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child’s Play Charity. For a full rundown of what these games have to offer and more information on the bundle itself, please visit the official Humble Bundle website.

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