Published on September 30th, 2011 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Puss in Boots Video Game Allow Users to be the Feline Legend

It is inevitable that any movie geared towards children will get a video game tie in. In the past, movie tie in games have not been the greatest. However, THQ is taking a different approach with Puss in Boots video game. Instead of relying on the Nintendo Wii for motion control, THQ is also utilizing the PlayStation Move and the Kinect for Xbox 360.

“On Kinect for Xbox 360, players can actually become Puss, stepping into his boots and utilizing full-body motions to fight off banditos – dodging attacks, engaging in fast-paced sword fights, strumming the guitar, and wiggling to escape enemies’ clutches.

In the PlayStation Move-compatible version for PlayStation 3, players can choose between their trusty controllers or the Move remote, which allows them to engage in motion-based swashbuckling. Taking up the Move remote allows players to master the sword in a full-motion sword fighting experience.

With Wii, adventurers use the Wii Remote(TM) to slash with Puss In Boots’ sword, the Nunchuk(TM) to dodge enemy attacks, and button combinations to perform special attacks that deliver devastating damage to foes.”

THQ is making an interesting move in making Puss in Boots a Kinect only title for the Xbox 360. Staying away from the traditional controller, the charm of the feline hero, and the audience appeal might make this a good movie tie in video game for both adults and children alike.

Puss in Boots will be available on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS ($29.99 USD), for the PlayStation 3 ($39.99 USD), and Kinect for Xbox 360 ($49.99 USD). The release is scheduled to coincide with the theatrical release.

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