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Published on August 26th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

343i Reveals Halo CE Anniversary Maps

In commemoration of Halo’s epic 10th anniversary, 343 Industries unveils a smorgasboard of goodies in the form of virtual syntax for gamer’s hungry eyes; an announcement for three new multiplayer maps to be featured in the new Halo CE Anniversary title, and that the re-make will feature stunning 3-D capabilities.

Along with these reveals, a new behind-the-scenes video on Halo Waypoint was released today that shows off many aspects of Halo: CE Anniversary’s remastered multiplayer maps from the original classic title, and how the team at 343i managed to pull off re-creating these fan favorites.

Playable at this year’s Halo Fest event are two re-imagined battlegrounds as well as a newly featured Firefight map for Halo: CE AnniversaryTimberland, Prisoner, and Installation 04.

  • Timberland – This new map is an impressive and eye-catching re-imagining of the multiplayer map featured in Halo PC. It’s arctic environment is quite prevalent in Halo, featured in many of the campaign levels and the classic CTF map Sidewinder.

Timberland is a tree-covered valley, sporting undulating hills, surging rivers, and a terrain perfect for large-scale vehicle mayhem. (8 – 16 players)

  • Prisoner – Remember playing that multi-tiered level that seemed to only breed catastrophe and destructive mayhem in classic Halo multiplayer? Well get your rocket launchers ready because Prisoner is back and revamped to bring even more chaos and explosions than ever before.

Prisoner is a multi-level facility, with tightly-woven corridors and many bridges and ramps, perfect for the chaos of close-range combat. (2 – 8 players)”

  • Installation 04 – This new Firefight map transports players back into the massive Forerunner complex featured in the campaign level “Halo”, offering a stunning environment that’s perfect for Covenant vs. UNSC deathmatch action. Interestingly enough, this map offers the aid of AI “players” who will help defend the installation…bots maybe? Or will players have to stick with teeny monitors shooting orange lases beams…

Installation 04 is a familiar precipice studded with ancient Forerunner structures which make a perfect defensive position against an invading alien enemy and marks the first Firefight experience to include ally AI players who will defend the installation alongside you. (1 – 4 players)”


That’s it for the newly announced maps, but let’s take a look at the previously revealed fan favorites from the classic FPS that started it all: Damnation and Beaver Creek.

These previously announced fan favorites will be playable during Halo Fest, and will be included in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary:

  • Damnation – This is one of–if not–my favorite map in the classic Halo multiplayer experience, and the popular battlefield is perfect for any gametype out there, whether it’s classic CTF action or frenetic deathmatch destruction.

“Damnation is an asymmetrical, multi-tiered complex, replete with long lines of sight and tightly-crafted choke points. (2 – 8 players)”

  • Beaver Creek – Halo 2’s remake of Halo CE’s legendary symmetrical map Battle Creek has always been a favorite in the community, and it seems like every game played on this particular map is always entertaining and filled with shotgun camping, rocket launching active-camo insanity.

Beaver Creek’s symmetrical bases in a small, creek-fed canyon are excellent for both free-for-all and team-based game types. (2 – 8 players)”

Furthermore, every single map that’s included with the released version of Halo: CE Anniversary will include two versions: one version will be the classic map in it’s un-altered form, and the other will be a new re-mastered variant that’s altered to balance the use of Halo Reach’s addition of armor abilities.

Last but not least 343i reveals that Halo fans will be able to experience the epic FPS sci-fi adventure like never before in stereoscopic 3-D. Now gamers will be able to enjoy the original Halo campaign in full 3-D. Utilizing a custom-designed top-to-bottom 3-D tech, all gamers who own 3D-TV’s will be able to play the stunning re-mastered epic space shooter fully immersed in a 3-D ring-world.

Those who attend Halo Fest will see Halo CE Anniversary in stereoscopic 3-D at the LG Cinema 3-D Experience.

For more information on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary and more current news, be sure to check Halo Waypoint on Xbox Live or the official Halo website.

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