Published on August 23rd, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Details on Minecraft’s XBLA Port

Just about every gamer on the planet has heard that the ultra-popular, insanely-addicting PC Indie Minecraft is making a cross-over to the Xbox 360 in the form of a Kinect-enabled Xbox Live Arcade port.


Mojang Specifications–or simply “Mojang” as it’s more commonly known–is an independent development studio known for the Indie sensation called Minecraft.

Everyone knows Mojang, however details have come to light revealing that the XBLA version of Minecraft won’t be ported by it’s creators at Mojang. While Markus “Notch” Persson will still be inherently involved in the port as a game designer, the Scottish development team 4J Studios will be in charge of this year’s holiday release of Minecraft’s XBLA port.


This may have many die-hard Minecraft fans dubious about the Xbox Live Arcade port of their favorite Indie block-builder, but 4J Studios has a prestigious track record when it comes to ports–especially titles ported to the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace.

Notch and Mojang remain confident in 4J Studios’ abilities as professional game developers, yet gamers can expect to find differences between the PC version and the upcoming XBLA port.

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 isn’t planned to have mods, for example, and there will be more alterations and changes to the game so that it plays well on a console. Integration with the Kinect sensor will definitely change things in terms of controls and dynamics.

Just as Minecraft’s PC release had a Beta, the Xbox 360 version is planned to have a Beta as well. We haven’t heard when the Beta will begin specifically, but it should definitely give gamers a taste of what’s to come with the finished release of the game this holiday season.

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