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Published on August 12th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Kirby Mass Attack Preview

Platform: NintendoDS
Release Date: September 19th, 2011

The story of Kirby has been told and retold on many Nintendo platforms over the years. We’ve guided this never aging pink fluff on journeys of his own, but we have also taken him into battle in the Smash Bros. realm. Similar to the Gameboy era and its dot matrix screen, we will be taking Kirby and breaking him into tiny pieces to take on his next adventure. At least this time, there are only 10 of him.

Kirby’s Mass Attack looks to bring yet again utilize the DS’s touch screen to give players a unique playing experience. Even though the title is hitting the NintendoDS, many 3DS owners might still be questioning when a solid first party game will be hitting other than this holiday season. It is likely that the title was already cooking long before the availability of the 3DS, but enough of the politics, right?

Kirby will be setting out on adventure that will literally tear him apart. The style of play looks to be similar to that of games like Swarmites, but mixed with a few more strands of cuddly and cutesy. With this Kirby title, the amount of Kirby characters on screen will tie into how challenges are complete and which ways you will be taking on enemies.

If you have not noticed already, the stylus will be largely used in guiding, attacking, and completing challenges. Players will have the ability to launch Kirby into the air with a pen touch, or drive the swarm to take care of some evil deeds. Well, maybe just defeat an enemy squid dude or two.

The title looks to also bring some replay value by adding challenges, unlockables, and many others in mini-games. There are also plenty of great animations and action to enjoy in the trailer. Enjoy!

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