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Published on July 5th, 2011 | by Kole Ross, Editor

Deadly Premonition is now On Demand in Europe, Zack

I wouldn’t normally report on something that’s happening in Europe, given my small-minded world view steeped in American Exceptionalism. This, however, bears mentioning.

The cult classic open-world survival horror title Deadly Premonition is now available from Games On Demand for Xbox 360 owners in Europe. It can be purchased for £14.99, which I assume is some kind of currency.

Deadly Premonition got a lot of attention last year for its controversial reviews, and “so-bad-it’s-good”ness. With its European release, we’re one step closer to a Games On Demand release in America. Eventually, we might be able to live the dream of growing a stinky beard, talking to ourselves about movies, peeping on sexy policewomen, and ripping off Twin Peaks without ever needing to leave our homes.

Many people praise Deadly Premonition in jest, but I unironicaly adore it. I think it should come prepackaged with every new video game system. Now, that feels like a definite possibility, Zack.

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