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Published on June 30th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Developer Diary Shows What It’s Like to Have Zombies in the Palm of Your Hand

For the next couple of weeks the developers of Dead on Arrival will be releasing several Developer Diaries. The videos will show off the progression of the game’s progression from the very start of development to the release version.

Dead on Arrival is a survival shooter that will be released for iPad, iPhone and Android-capable devices.


  • Face paced action survival shooter
  • Survive massive waves of zombies!
  • Purchase loads of weapons to defend yourself with
  • Border up doors to keep some of the zombies out for a short moment
  • Unlock rooms to move the fight into, each room holds a different weapon to purchase.
  • Look for the random box which holds the most powerful guns! Doesn’t mean you will always get them though.
  • Massive hospital level to explore and defence yourself
  • Tutorial level to help explain the gameplay while also giving you access to explore the power of each gun
  • Full 3D action and gore theme set in high detailed graphics perfect for mobile!
  • Coming Soon to iPad / iPhone and Android!
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