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Published on June 21st, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Former Deus Ex Writer Creates Game, Blows Minds?

Forget being smart enough to understand the jargon used to explain the game; you might just need to watch the trailer. Cell: emergence looks to create an XBLIG title that will surely bring the creativity. Controlling a nanobot that is sent to destroy the infections in the body of an unknown little girl, what we can already see is the games ability to move in and out of animations.

One thing that I do enjoy about games like this, similar to what we found in Flower, is the unique ability to blend story telling with an emotional soundtrack while using gameplay mechanics and graphics as a back drop. There are no giant space aliens to slay, nor are there Nazi’s to kill, that we know so far anyways, but there are cellular structures constructed and destroyed on an epic microscopic level.

Cell: emergence comes to us from Sheldon Pacotti, lead writer of the first two Deus Ex titles. The games is looking to create a web voxel interactivity, as each particular voxel area is affected by one another, giving us almost unlimited interaction with the environment of the game. This process also shows us that contrary to popular belief that Microsoft does not take chances in their Xbox LIVE Indie Games, well, here you go.

“Cell: emergence” offers a next-gen arcade gameplay experience based on “3D cellular automata” — another way of saying that the gameworld is composed of fully dynamic voxels. Players pilot a nanobot through the body of a sick little girl, melting infections with self-replicating colloids, building shields and pathways with buckyfibers, and shredding germs with monofilament “daisycutter” depth-charges.

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