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Ms. Splosion Man Early Access Impressions

Get ready for more pink explosive mayhem than ever before with Ms. Splosion Man, the sequel to the first Splosion Man title from Twisted Pixel. The wacky chaos is back with this upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title set in the same traditional platformer style as the first game with more features such as the 2 Girls 1 Controller mode where players control not one but two ‘Splosion women at once with the same controller:

“All week we have been teasing a new game mode coming to Ms. Splosion Man called 2G1C. Like its impossible-to-unsee video namesake, this new mode is ridiculous, preposterous, and not for everyone.

Two Girls, One Controller allows one player to control two Splosion Gals simultaneously on the same controller. It takes a keen eye and a whole lot of dexterity to keep these two girls on target, but once you get the rhythm right you are off and sploding!”

Twisted Pixel Games announced their promotional event for Ms. Splosion Man that offers early access to the game from June 6th – 26th. Both Singleplayer and Multiplayer are included in this early access program, giving players a taste of what’s to come when the title is released on the XBLA Marketplace. This early access beta program is used to stress-test multiplayer and to gather much-needed vital information from the public that the developers at Twisted Pixel can use to enhance the game in various ways.

Ms. Splosion Man had been previously showcased in a demo at GDC 2011 and PAX East, where gamers could try out the game and experience the wackiness for themselves.

“It’s not every day that you get to play an upcoming XBLA game before it comes out, but we’re making it happen.

We are very excited to announce a public early access program for Ms. Splosion Man. Check out the dev blog for details. If you know how to splode, help us out by stress testing online multiplayer before the game comes out. Sign up at!”

–Twisted Pixel’s official website

The demo Trial is everything that the first game was: signature 3-D style graphics set in the traditional side-scrolling platformer interface, and of course the zany ‘sploding mechanic that players must use to navigate the increasingly difficult levels.

Ms. Splosion Man retains the same wacky and crazy fun that’s become a staple from the first release, and our pink heroine is just as zany as her male predecessor–often players can hear her mumbling to herself. She’s bombastic and quirky, her behavior capturing that of an uncontrollable–and undeniably powerful–experimental lab creation that runs amok through the facility and destroys everything in her path.

Utilize the pink femme fatale’s  impressive acrobatic feats and her incredible flexibility to destroy various enemies, jump across gaps and use the environment to your advantage to get to the next level. Ms. Splosion Man is quite animated and she never stops moving, always cartwheeling or dancing, showing off her skills in some zany and hilarious way.

There are boss battles that require players to strategically ignite barrels and ‘splode at weak spots, and more often than not the bosses are towering behemoths that take up most of the screen.

Levels include various explosive barrels that players must strategically use to get to different areas, both vertically and horizontally. Using glowing neon-blue zip lines are also another way to get around obstacles and gaps, requiring players to time their splosions correctly.

Overall the game keeps the wackiness that gamers would expect from a Splosion Man sequel while utilizing the same side-scrolling game mechanics. The title is quite action-packed and requires both focus and keen reflexes as timing is a key factor in this game. With unforgettable and hilarious gameplay mechanics and visuals, Ms. Splosion Man is a fantastic XBLA title that will surely keep players entertained for hours with its wacky hilarity that is a signature of Twisted Pixel’s series.

For more information on Ms. Explosion Man and the team that developed it, Twisted Pixel Games, please visit their official website.

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