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Published on June 8th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

E3 2011: Bloodrayne Betrayal Hands on Impressions

Release Date: PSN August 2nd 2011, August 3rd XBLA.UPDATE: Xbox LIVE release date August 31st, PSN August 30th
Platoform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

After getting some hands on with Bloodrayne Betrayal, like Lead Level Designer Michael Herbster also wondered with somewhat of a surprised look, “Why hasn’t the game received an ‘M‘ rating?” It is almost a questionable call by the ESRB why this title that litererally rains blood will be getting stamped with a ‘T’ rating most likely due to its animated backbone. That should not in any way impede you from purchasing this title, especially after watching the hands on.

WayForward has continued to drive in the direction that has worked for them. After the completion of Contra 4 and the animation style of A Boy and His Blob, there is no wonder that why Bloodrayne is already starting expel awesomeness as it begins to gain momentum come release day.

If the Bloodrayne herself, the violence, or vampires don’t get you excited about this title, maybe the hard work done by the devs to make it what it is today will change your mind. Michael Herbster informed me and assured me that the title was a complete slash and salue to titles like Turtles in Time, Castlevania, and Ninja Gaiden in its stylistic display.

Players will also find that the way in which the levels carry out appease the retro gods in format. Things like Health, Time, and Efficiency are fitted into the format. These are also the areas where players will be scored and graded after the level is complete. It is very much possible to dash and hop to various platforms, but to also kill and combo maneuvers so that both scores are appreciated and rewarded at the end.

Other things that were also included in the creation of its style were also in the hands of the developer. One of the most brow raising tenderloins that players can enjoy would have to be the fact that the game boasts over 4,000 frames of animation. These are almost trible that hand drawn goodness that fans saw in A Boy and His Blob. During the meet, I could not help but mention some of the similarities in style that Bloodrayne had with games like Shank. Michael admitted that the hand drawn animations are great, but noted that Bloodrayne is not a flash based title.

This was particularly great when seeing the game in action. During the game, players can upgrade their health and bullets in order to complete their goal of dismembering and destroying other vampires to the fullest of their abilities. Crystal Skulls are littered throughout hidden spots and must be collected to obtain skill points. Also, the ballet style dance that is put forth during battles comes with all moves available to the player at first button press.

These moves become extremely well tied together when stunning an enemy to make him explode, or slicing off some melons to make sure enemies don’t have anything to see, or come find you with. Watching heads roll and blood flow are even more impressive being that in the back of my mind, the game has been full-fledged drawn out by hand, giving me an even bigger appreciation for the title.

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