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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Breaking: ‘Project Cafe’ Now Named the WiiU [updated]

Just moments ago at Nintendo’s Press Conference it was unveiled that their new console is to be called the WiiU. The WiiU was designed to support both casual and hardcore gamers, Nintendo said.

The controller includes a 6.2 inch touch screen display. The controller is used as a ‘partner device’ to the console and shows images or video that gamers can interact with to add extra immersion with the game being played. During the show we saw such examples as the pad becoming a gold ball on a T while a woman held a controller getting ready to hit it. Another example we saw had the controller become a map with selectable items for a Zelda title.

The controller includes a microphone, gyroscope and backwards facing camera.

The WiiU is backwards compatible with the Wii both with games and hardware such as the balance board and Wii Zapper.

Nintendo head Saturo Iwata affirmed that the controller itself is not designed to be a portable gaming device. It still requires the console to function properly. “The images on the controller are generated by WiiU and transmitted wirelessly,” he said. The WiiU controller can, however, be used without the TV, as exampled by a scene of a boy playing Mario Kart on the TV only to get up and continue to play on the controller in a different room.

The controller can also be used to provide a different way to look inside of the game world, Iwata said.

Price is not yet confirmed and the release date is said to be “next year.”

More will be revealed by Greg Bargas after he is pried off of Shigeru Miyamoto.

[update]: Word on the street is that pricing is still not yet confirmed. I have a feeling we won’t know for a while. However, we do have a neat little picture of the front of the console for you.

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