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Published on June 6th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

E3 2011: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Preview and Specs

Publisher: EA
Developer: DICE
Release Date: Fall 2011
Players: 1-64 PC, 1-24 Console
Platform: PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360

If you missed the buzz that has been circulating the internets, or computer webs, there is plenty of imagery to drool over. Furthermore, the trailers of these videos are looking to be some of the best graphics to date on the current consoles.

While graphics are always a plus, the game looks to be highly complemented by its newly introduced slower, close to real gameplay. Something that other franchises are turning on its side and doing quite the opposite. With that being said, here is a big bite of what can be expected from the Battlefield 3 Multi-player Trailer.

Here are some of the key features for the Multiplayer:

Ultimate Vehicle Warfare: The signature Battlefield vehicle warfare experience is even richer and more rewarding. Damaged vehicles can now retreat or be defended until they automatically regain armor, while disabled vehicles become static gun platforms to cover players doing repairs.

Accessible Team-Play: Battlefield 3 offers finetuned team-play possibilities and accessibility for newcomers. Team-play is key for players to reach dominance on the battlefield.

Personalized Dog Tags: Players can express their
individuality with their own dog tag that gets displayed to defeated enemies. Players choose a design with a dynamically tracked in-game stat that expresses their personality and play-style.

The Physical Battlefield: Use the environment to your advantage. Deploy your machine gun bipods on any mountable surface for greater accuracy. Claim the dog tag of enemies via skillful knife takedowns. Lay down suppressive fire to limit the combat capabilities of enemies.

Enhanced Persistence: There is always a new rank or reward to unlock in Battlefield 3. The depth and vast range of unlockable weapons, vehicles, upgrades, and tools will keep Battlefield 3 players occupied for years to come.”

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