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Published on May 23rd, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Calibur11 Vault Unboxing/Accessory Review

Price: MSRP *U.S. $89.99 MLG, 59.95 Base Vault
Platform: Xbox 360 S
Official Website: Calibur11, BRE Software Online Store

It would be somewhat confusing to encase your console unless it had some functionality or use, right? Particularly the case for the old Xbox 360 which was notorious for overheating and plagued by glowing red rings-signaling its death. Beyond giving your Xbox 360 a bigger ego and making it look even more aesthetically pleasing, the vault raises the console, giving it more air flow due to the design.

One thing that visibly ensures the air flow will not be blocked is the open sides of the case. The bigger slit ventilation that was introduced on the redesign of the 360 definitely does not have any hindrance from the case.

The original Xbox 360 design offered removable face-plates that did nothing more than display a pattern or show off your favorite game–allowing for your true pride of Halo or Gears of War to be shown not only on screen, but to your friends off-screen as well. This is also the-no pun intended-case for the Calibur11 models. Additions such as blades, bolts, and of course, shotgun shells can be added to the exterior. Not too mention the almighty [Your Name Here]

(Here we get a closer view of some chain action and shells fully stocked, holstered on the side.)

To most, surrounding your new Xbox 360 Slim in another case may not seem like the best idea. That is, unless it is already suited up and ready for battle. One of the first things that you will find with the Calibur11 Vaults are their durability. While most cases and peripherals literally are known to crack under pressure, one thing about these cases is that they are made to withstand even your constant controller flings, throws, and maybe even your destructive younger siblings.

The Vaults themselves come with moderate assembly. One phillips screw driver is needed for the side screws, but the rest of the connector pieces can simply be conjoined by the turn of the hand. The green Base model that we pieced together hosted a side shelf for your controller and head set to sit. The base where your console sits simply locks into place with expanding edges with both Vault models.

The MLG Edition hosts a Han Solo–Carbonite-esque soldier face emerging from the side. This assembly took about the same time needed for the base vault. Even though it looked more complicated, it came with ease after constructing the first and knowing the instructions. Even though the shelf assembly was the same, the face already prepped, needing only a power supply, was an immediate plus.

Also, the USB used to power the glowing lights of the face are easily monitored through one of the back USB ports of the console. A button on the actual plug itself sets the rate and color in which the lights are emitted. One of the promises from the website and box is that the MLG Vault will correspond with in-game action.

Final Truth:

The Calibur11 Vaults are a truly unique concept. Encasing your Xbox 360 S in a sleek designer case gives it quite the character. Also, it does more than just aesthetically please. The Vault’s body allows for better air flow and a spot to rest your controller and headset when not in use. While it might be a little bit on the pricy side for some, those die hard Xbox 360 fans might want to piece together a nothing less than bad-ass console exhibit.

+Controller/Headset Rest Shelf
+Durable Design
+In Game Correspondence (Not on Base models)
+Easy Assembly

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