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Published on May 13th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Hackers Steal Data From 80,000 Users at Deus Ex/Eidos Website

According to a recent report by KrebsOnSecurity, a hacker group defaced and stole information including user data and resumes from the Eidos/Deus Ex website late Wednesday.

Visitors to the website post attack were greeted by a defaced version of the website. The website displayed nothing more than the banner below, which reads “Owned by Chippy1337” above a list of the names of the supposed hackers, including their IRC channel number.

KrebsOnSecurity said in its report an observation of the hackers’ online discussions on their IRC channel revealed what was supposedly lifted from the site. A hacker under the alias of “ev0” claimed responsibility for the defacement, as well as the theft of 9,000 resumes from Eidos and personal data from at least 80,000 users. It is unlikely any code from Deus Ex: Human Revolution was stolen, but the hackers do mention leaking “src,” which is most likely source code for the website itself.

KrebsOnSecurity said their observation of the IRC channel revealed the hackers intend to leak the user data onto file sharing networks.

More information, including recorded conversation of the hacker group, can be found by visiting the KrebsOnSecurity page.

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