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Published on May 3rd, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Avatar Workout Xbox Indie Review

Platform: Xbox LIVE Indie Games
Price: 80 MS Points
Developer: Candela Creations

Candela Creations brings Avatar Workout to the Xbox Indie marketplace, an interactive full 3D video game iteration of “Simon Says”.

This game was released under the Family genre of the marketplace, and is appropriate for all ages. While it’s not an expansive game, Avatar Workout offers a way for gamers to escape the frenetic action that most video games offer and to relax with an original and classic gaming experience that puts emphasis on memorization.

Much like the quintessential interactive multi-colored circular electronic game SIMON–that just about everyone has grown up with–Avatar Workout is a test of memorization. Using quite impressive 3D environments and Xbox Live Avatars, this game reboots an original and classic gaming mechanism that gamers will instantly identify with.

The in-game mechanics utilize the Xbox 360 controller as commands–players must correctly match each expression that the NPC portrays. At the beginning of the match players are given the sequence of buttons that correspond with each action, and then they must imitate and mime the actions without the prompt–players must use their memory skills to remember which button corresponds to each action.

Once players fill their corresponding bar, they win the match. Each time a player successfully imitates the NPC, the bar will fill–consequently a wrong action subtracts from the progress bar. As players progress through the game, the actions get more dynamic and physical and the speed is also enhanced, making for more challenging gameplay.

Avatar Workout makes use of a few unique features such as the in-game full 3-D environments–the graphics are impressive for an Xbox Indie title, and here gamers get to see the focus of the developers’ skill as 3D artists. The backgrounds, atmosphere, and Avatar support is very stylishly designed and fluid in terms of physics and mechanics.

Utilizing Avatars is something that is quite commonplace on the Xbox Indies marketplace, however this game doesn’t just use the pictures of the Avatars–they are active and have their very own physics systems in place.

The use of Avatars in this game not only compliments the 3D aspects, but it brings an impressive look as to what is capable with the right kind of programming. Seeing the Avatars bend and use creative stances, actions and positions is quite interesting and is something a gamer would expect to see on a Kinect game, not an Xbox Live Indie title.

Final Truth: Avatar Workout is sort of a kid’s game that many gamers can enjoy and is appropriate for players of all ages. It was designed for family-oriented play, and involves a fun gaming experience that players can enjoy when playing against a friend or alone against a CPU. It’s also a game that can teach children how to use memory skills in a fun gaming atmosphere, which makes it sort of a learning game as well.

For more information on Avatar Workout and the studio that developed it, Candela Creations, please visit their homesite.

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[xrr label=”Rating: 5.5/10″ rating=5.5/10]

+ Full 3D Graphics

+ Fun Memorization-Style Gameplay

+ Appropriate For All Ages

– Lack of Gameplay Features

– Not Recommended for Hardcore Gamers

– Very Repetitive

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