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Published on April 29th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Sony Endangers Your Credit Cards

Apparently the hackers have PlayStation Network user data in a nifty little database. Read this New York Times article to sweat some more bullets if you haven’t done anything to protect yourself (I haven’t!). Other than that bit of happy news, we have a boatload-as in Coast Guard Cutter sized-indie news for you this week.

The truth:

PlayStation Network Outage Question and Answer. Because we need more reassurances from a company that didn’t tell us the peril our finances were in for like, a week. Honestly, it’s kind of like my saying with soccer players who can’t get a shot on goal in the big leagues. Here’s a newly-modified version: if Sony’s tech heads can’t keep hackers out they might as well hire me. I’ll cost less, and won’t keep hackers out as well. Here’s the first Q & A.

EA announced its cover athlete for Madden. I’m not much into American football. OK, I’m not into it at all, but I did watch the Packers in the Super Bowl since I’m from the cheese head state. They played a good game of hand egg. I think.

A new Final Fantasy XI collection aims to be the ultimate one with everything included to date. Too bad I gave that game up after 15 hours of leveling resulted in my party’s demise when we ran into a fricking bat.

This indie platformer is about blocks. Blocks that matter.

This indie game mashes Minecraft, 2D side scrolling and role playing elements together.

Call of the Dead cast in Call of Duty map pack.

We have the details on Nintendo’s new console. I’m more excited for this than the 3DS!

Phantasy Star Online 2 is looking pretty good.

The reviews:

Mortal Kombat Ko-Op

Listening to the cries of fans and the apathetic criticisms of reviewers, NetherRealm finally stripped the full 3D movement, multiple fighting styles and tame violence of recent outings. This is the real deal. The accept-no-substitutes Mortal Kombat set on a 2D scale and rife with viciously savage gameplay, quirky humor and exceptionally violent and grin-inducing fatalities. While it isn’t a flawless victory, this is truly the best Mortal Kombat since MK II hit the arcades 18 years ago. With a rich story mode, brutally fun combat, a fun and challenging Tower mode, an endless array of unlockables and secrets and great online options, it would be nearly criminal for any fighting fan or Mortal Kombat fan to pass this up.

The Fancy Pants Adventures

The Fancy Pants Adventures makes an easy transition to console. Although some players might find the controls needed a tighter feel, especially the jump action, the familiarization over the length of play will have them tuning in. The game continues to shine with its animations and creativity, but also stays grounded with an original feel. The online modes and matches give the game more depth. The story mode is a little on the short side, but does compensate with content. If you appreciate the series, or are looking for a quirky family friendly title, time to throw some pants on and take out those pirates.

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