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Published on April 28th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Upcoming XBLIG Platformer “Blocks That Matter” In Development

SwingSwingSubmarine, a French Indie development studio, is currently developing a quite charming, zany, and quite cute side-scrolling platformer mashup for the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace, PC, Mac and even Linux.

Blocks That Matter is shaping up to be quite a distinctively unique and enjoyable platformer that reminds me of Super Meatboy. The game incorporates it’s own signature style which is quite appealing–nice cartoonish graphics with fluid physics dynamics–and the gameplay mechanics themselves are reflected in the video below.

All in all I think this game will be an instant Indie platformer favorite and will be hailed as one of the best XBLIG/PC Indies of the year–especially on the Xbox Live marketplace. The game’s goofy and irresistible visual design will appeal to many gamers out there–from professional gamers to casual gamers, I believe that many players in the gaming world will love this upcoming title.

The game is slated for release “sometime in April”, however since it’s getting quite close to May, I’m betting we may see it on the marketplace in late April/early May. It’s expected to be “no more than five dollars”, so that means anywhere from 80-400 MSP for this quite enjoyable-looking title.

For more information on Blocks That Matter and the studio that’s developing it, Swing Swing Submarine, please visit their homesite.

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