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Published on April 27th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

The Fancy Pants Adventures Review

Platform: Xbox 360 [Reviewed], PlayStation 3
Release Date: April 25, 2011
Price: 800 MS Points Xbox LIVE Arcade, U.S. $10.00 PlayStation Network

My fanciest pair of pants owned to date is a pair of rainbow baggy fit that tremble in the wind at high sprint speeds. My headdress is fitted with a fine top hat that would make a penguin jealous. This may not seem like a description for your average hero, but in the case of The Fancy Pants Adventures, it is your duty to let your apparel flail, and of course, sport some fancy pants.

Stemming from its previous flash only release, The Fancy Pants Adventures now finds a new home on the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. Those not familiar with the original still have an authentic experience ahead of them. The hand drawn animations and openness to this platforming experience allow for an expansive journey into Squiggleville and beyond. Players must wear the pants in this family in order to save younger sister, Cutie Pants, from those mean ol’ pirates who have claimed her as their princess. Leave your browser behind and get ready for the comfort of a controller in this adventure of fun and fancy pants wearing.

Players will find that leaving the directional arrows and other keys for a controller takes some getting used to. While it is comforting to place buttons in their respective platforming positions, it is however difficult to fight off the “loose” control scheme. Backtracking after long jumps and going for specific wall hops at times becomes a frustrating move. Even for the most familiar players of the genre, it may seem like something you would expect from an Xbox Indie title at first glance.

Similar to the flash version, hitting an enemy will knock you back a few paces. Some longer combination moves become a chore after falling from a high rise position. This leaves players wide open for the possibility for nerd rage and controller throwing. The controller scheme does take a few levels to really gauge, but there is enough exploration and design to keep your mind at ease.

This is one area where the game truly shines. Players can expect the same level design and structure that they found in the previous versions. Get ready to travel at top speeds, while still managing to emphasize precision and agility in collecting those mini-trials. The experience grows even more in depth as players can choose an online friend to either battle it out, or cohabitate the campaign mode. Mini trials drive players to explore even more of newly found areas to each level and also complete other hidden challenges.

The online modes create a fun experience and give players that extra oomph if you were contemplating whether or not to purchase. The Campaign, Races, and King of the Hill are the areas in which you can expect to find another fancy player out there. Host a match and venture through the tournament in order to stay on top of that leaderboard. Not only does this help you score some major medals and unlockables, but it also helps in those hard to reach places during the story mode and allows for a great co-op experience.

The standard story mode does seem a little short, but with the amount of things to collect and to unlock, it will grant you the time needed to truly “complete” the game. There are also the “Fancy Arcade challenges, where you can race through the levels locally or online in order to get that Viking Hat, or Camouflage pants that you have been wanting. These also host your score to compare with others on Xbox LIVE globally, or through your friends list.

Final Truth:

The Fancy Pants Adventures makes an easy transition to console. Although some players might find the controls needed a tighter feel, especially the jump action, the familiarization over the length of play will have them tuning in. The game continues to shine with its animations and creativity, but also stays grounded with an original feel. The online modes and matches give the game more depth. The story mode is a little on the short side, but does compensate with content. If you appreciate the series, or are looking for a quirky family friendly title, time to throw some pants on and take out those pirates.

+Level Design
+Online Multiplayer/Modes
+/ Game Length
Checkpoint System

[xrr label=”Rating: 7.5/10″ rating=7.5/10]

Check out more screens from the launch and preview here!

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