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Published on April 13th, 2011 | by Ken Yarbrough, Editor

Happy Birthday Halo! Almost…

Starting on April 15th, Waypoint is getting a whole lot shinier.

New features will be arriving on Halo Waypoint this weekend to kick off their 10th anniversary of Halo celebration.

Waypoint will now be your “go-to” place for everything Halo. Your Halo: Reach service record will now be completely viewable through Waypoint. This includes all of your stat-tracking, and even a new ability to “compare” your stats with friends. You will also be able to access these features through Waypoint App for Windows Phone 7. You can download that app…here: http://HaloWaypoint.com

The update to Waypoint will allow you to access Halo: Reach on demand, as well as a new video player that features the “Instant On” viewing features of Zune.

“The Mona Lisa”

Starting on April 23rd, “The Mona Lisa” short story from Halo Evolutions will be turned into a “vivid motion comic”, which will be available through Waypoint, the web, and Windows Phone 7.

Avatar Stuff!

Also, starting tomorrow, new avatar items will become available, including some new Spartan helmets, Red vs Blue shirts, and even some Grifball love. But perhaps the coolest addition tomorrow? A Flood infection form Avatar prop. Nice.

Finally, as part of the 10th Anniversary hoopla, 343 Industries will be at PAX on August 26,27, and 28 to “kick off the celebrations”.

**Editor’s Note: Halo’s OFFICIAL 10th Birthday is on November 15th.

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