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Published on March 28th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

My GameDev Story iPad Review

Developer: Kairsoft
iPad, IPhone, IPod Touch, Android

I remember looking through the iPad app store roughly an hour after setting up my new iPad and came across a game that I have heard a few people talking about called “Game Dev Story”. The premise of the game is you are in charge of a video game company, that you start the game by naming, and grow that company into a video game powerhouse. It sounds very bland and un-interesting, but I found a game that is not only interesting but extremely addictive.

You start the game by naming your studio, and you have $500,000 to develop your first game, or you can take on contracts. You earn money by completing contract jobs in the given time, and by selling video games. Think of this game as the perfect window into the video game development industry.

You will also start the game with a reasonably small development team, all of which you will undoubtedly fire one you hit the big time. Your team members are all focused on different design aspects, and will ultimately play a strong role in the development of your games. Once you have enough capital at your disposal, you will have to begin hiring to diversify your staff. Keep note that the better the person, the more expensive their contracts are per year that they work for you.

As you progress through the game, different companies will begin releasing new systems, and before long you will be negotiating licensing fees to develop games for that system. You begin the game by developing for the PC, as you have to have at least one PC release under your belt before negotiating.

You can achieve different milestones for your company throughout the game, such as winning gaming awards, selling a million copies on your games first week, debuting at the top of the charts, selling ten million copies in your games life span, and achieving perfect 10’s in the gaming magazines review columns. I found myself sitting up until 3, sometimes 4 in the morning because it seems that time just flies when playing this game. I started by getting fives and sixes in reviews to selling three million units in one week and selling thirteen million copies.

The further you level up your staff, the more genres and game types unlock. You use those to develop the different game genres and by linking two specific type together will earn you addition points and level-ups based on comparability. For example, pairing orcs, and online RPG together will net you two additional points which you can use in development direction.

(when one area gets high, your focus will change)

Graphically the game is not stunning and is very child like. Take a classic sim game, and port that into a video game company office setting. There isn’t much as far as controls, but the game is what you make of it. You control the story, and the work that you and your team put into it. Leveling up your staff to achieve at optimum stats is vital to the success of your games. You will also need to spend plenty of time advertising your products by making online and magazine appearances, and demo distribution. The more you market your games, the larger your fan base. The better your fan base, the more games you’ll sell.

The Final Truth:

Game Dev Story is one of the most addicting games I have played yet, and I have been playing quite a it since I picked up my iPad. There is a free lite version of the game, so you can at least play the game through year three, which does go by quick, but at a $1.99 or 99 cents it is a perfect download. This will start out as a game that your will want to play for a few minutes a day, and will quickly turn into a few hours spent without you even noticing.

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]

+ addicting
+ fun mechanics
+ great pricing
– music is annoying
– company names are a bit unorthodox

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I have been a video game enthusiast for many many years, and have been in the industry for the last 10 years. I love what I do and I love, well VIDEO GAMES! I have a degree in computer programming and currently working on a arcade/indie title.

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