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Published on March 9th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Preview

Waging war with my toys was a vivid memory from childhood. Alright Wolverine, when you run in, you are going to take out the backpack-phone-soldier and then go for the turret. Now, Cyclops, you are going to pick up part of the debris (legos) and throw it in the air and blow it up in order to gain entry to their base. Of course, even though they played the bad guys, the Ninja Turtles always won.

Although this might be just a vision as to actually what was realistically going on, Signal Studios has given us a vision that we can finally see in real life. From the creators of Toy Soldiers, comes their newest creation Toy Soldiers: Cold War. It looks like CoD isn’t the only one visiting this tensioned filled era in history. What better way than for players to also visit this than to have it playable at PAX East. Check it out March 11th-13th in the Xbox LIVE Booth, number 850.

What better history to revisit than that of a conflict between the United States and the USSR. Players will be able to enlist into either faction and utilize their many weapons of massive plastic toy destruction. To aid that destruction, players can take on enemies by deploying flamethrowers, fireworks, and even bug spray.

Players can already look forward to hopping into battle tanks, attack choppers, and even ATV’s. This is also falls along the lines of new first person tactical ground forces. While players can still find homage in various types of turrets, they can also look forward to secondary views during grenade launchers and cluster bombs. Not to mention that there are now included mini games and co-op modes to keep up the replay value. Although, even without these things, the first was a pleasure to play.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War also promises improved on are things like the physics during tank gameplay and the controls. Although, they were pretty spot on in the first, tanks were clunky and a little heavy feeling. This time fighter jets and AC-130 gun ships are thrown into the mix. Also, what better way to bring Toy Soldiers into the modern day and age than with the inclusion of a tactical nuke? Hopefully this wont be a big let down or turn into an annoying defeat like in other visitations to the nuke as a game changer.

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