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Published on March 3rd, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

BulkyPix Bringing Another World to iPhone and iPad

Another World creator Eric Chahi announced that BulkyPix and DotEmu are porting his iconic game to the iPhone and iPad to celebrate its 20-year anniversary.

Not everyone would remember Another World, but when it was released in 1991 it was heralded as a visual masterpiece with surreal environments and challenging gameplay. Even today some people still talk about the game and recall the impact it made when they first saw it.

Though gamers are divided on the actual quality of the gameplay, no one can deny the technology. Another World is regarded as a game years ahead of its time in cinematic effects featuring stunning vector graphics, realistic animations, impressive audio and cutscenes that rely on visual expression to tell the story. From the very first moment the game puts players in a fight for dear life in a world filled with danger.

Games like Limbo have been influenced by this unique title.

“I’m very pleased to work with my developer friends from DotEmu and their partner BulkyPix. The first prototype looks beautiful on Ipad, they are doing a great job on it.” said Eric Chahi, creator of Another World.

“We have ported several classics to iOS such as R-Type in the past and we delighted to be chosen to work with Eric on this terrific title. We will put a lot of love and care to insure that the gamers get best user experience playing this game on iOS,” said Xavier Liard founder of DotEmu.

“Another World is one of the most daring games ever created and we’re proud to be part of the team that will bring this terrific title to the iPhone and iPad platforms.” said Vincent Dondaine, BulkyPix COO of Sales and Marketing Director. “The game immerses you right from the start, begs you to react on impulse and rewards you by pulling you headfirst into this alien world and all the dangers that it beholds. We’re proud to bring thos great gaming experience to iOS.”

Another World will be released on iOS later this year.

One word of advice: Swim.

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