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Published on March 1st, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Indie Review: Googly Eyed Splitters

Googly Eyed Splitters
Developer: We Are Colin
Platform: XBox Live Indie
Release: February 14, 2011

We Are Colin has put together what all developers that are creating puzzle based platformers should mimic. Googly Eyed Splitters is a twin stick, puzzle based plat-former that is simple and difficult all at the same time. The game is powered by the Farseer Physics engine, and in a game that is a fury ball bouncing around the different 3D environments, the physics engine does matter.

Artistically the game is stylish. Each level is designed in a beautiful way and features some great 3D modeling. Each level is designed in a unique way, and each world is different with corresponding levels designed after them.

With a heavy physics based plat-former the controls have to be rock solid. This game succeeds with that in every way. When using the Xbox 360 controller you move using the left or right thumbsticks, and the left or right triggers to jump. There will be times that your Googly Eyed Splitter can split into two separate balls. At this point the left half will be controlled using the left thumb stick and left trigger to jump, while the right half uses the right thumb stick and right trigger to jump. It takes a level or two to get completely used to them but overall this adds to the uniqueness of the title. Think of this game being a maze that requires the user to figure a way to get to the end and if your ball is divided into two. Both halves will have to make it to the end to merge back into one piece.

I found myself really enjoying this game from the opening tutorial. The tutorials will get you used to the controls and game play mechanics. There will be environmental set pieces, such as boulders that you will have to ride from one end of the level to the next to hit buttons to open next passage ways to finish the levels. The further you get into the game the bigger and obviously more difficult the game will get. Aside from the laughter I had at watching my furry little ball (no joke intended) burn up into a black tumble-weed, I had moments that I wanted to toss my controller. Some may think this is a negative point but you can’t make a solid puzzle game that doesn’t have its moments of frustration. The only request I had from this game would be some sort of a point system, maybe based on completion time, and upload them into some sort of a leaderboard.

The Final Truth:

This is a perfect example of what indie games are all about. Small development teams come together and put their best foot forward on a small game with big ambitions. We Are Colin nailed the formula in their recent release of Googly Eyed Splitters, and this was a fun little plat-former that will have you playing in three different worlds of forty plus levels of creativity. The best part about it, is the game is only priced at 80 MS points, so it will not make a dent in your “MS Wallet”. After seeing how well this game plays I can only hope to see future projects come down the pipe that play just as well. Be sure to check out the PC based demo at We Are Colin’s official web site.
[xrr label=”Rating: 4.25/5″ rating=4.25/5]
+ Excellent Controls

+ Excellent level design

+ Physics are solid

+ 80 MS Points

– No online leaderboard support

– Music cuts to silence at the end of every song

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