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Published on February 21st, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

What the Hell is Happening in the Trailer for Fray?

Cryptic dialogue, a scene from The Matrix and … an invasion from Half-Life 2‘s Combine? Not much is graciously given away during the live-action debut trailer. But don’t fret, I’ve got the goods on Fray.

Fray comes from young French developer Brain Candy, if you didn’t pick that up after the Army endorsement. It is a turn-based strategy game that uses simultaneous play to eliminate the usual delay that comes from turn-based games.

Set in the year 2098, Fray is based in a world deprived of resources. Three major conglomerates vie for the control of these diminishing resources, which, in-turn, grants control of the Earth. A ravaged society turns to cyberspace to avoid the harsh reality of their failing world.

Using virtual reality modules, humans are able to experience the emotions that generations of depravity robbed them of.

The modules come in two flavors: one designed for human enjoyment, while others provide different options for those who are more “idealistic.” Fray is the name given to the latter. Not a module for hugs and gooey feelings, but for combat.

Fray grants players a squad of four characters, each with different abilities. Players will be able to fully customize their characters with new weapons, items and abilities. Once Fray is entered, gameplay is played out in turns where all players simultaneously choose their actions. When an action is chosen (or time runs out), it will be played out in real-time.

Fray is scheduled to hit PCs some time in 2011. Which is great because I was really hoping for another major release this year. I might as well just go sacrifice my wallet by fire to the gaming gods.

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