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Published on February 18th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Fox News at it Again

Fox News has a spiffy little piece about games turning gamers into rapists. It’s really disappointing, and just goes to show that are hobby just isn’t understood by everybody (or that some people are just really out there). Oh well, I’d love to type a longer intro but I’ve been playing so many soccer video games lately that I must be a pro by now and have to go sign my contract with Liverpool FC. Yes, that’s just ridiculous—much like Fox News.

The reviews:

Matryoshka dolls are pretty common where I live. Kids paint them and it’s just a part of the Russian culture left on the Alaskan island from years ago. It’s interesting to see something so prevalent here in the form of a video game, and a great one at that.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is awesome. I can’t believe I’m not beating up on Ryu with Spider-Man while Servbots watch at this very moment.Though the creepy Servbot bobble buds on my desk are staring at me right now as a I type this…

The truth:

Sony to crack down on hacks.

Most anticipated games of 2011.

To say I am obsessed with all that is Dragon Age would be an understatement. I own all the books, comics, games, DLC and even some of the shirts and action figures. I also like Felicia Day of The Guild fame, but this miniseries may be the one Dragon Age thing I may not fall in love with.

Halo: Reach gets a new map pack… I have yet to play the last maps released months ago.

Yu Suzuki earns the GDC Pioneer Award, and the man behind Virtua Fighter and Shenmue deserves it.

The editorial:

Is piracy killing PC gaming?

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