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Published on January 31st, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Pokemon Black, White Online Play Detailed

Pokemon Global Link is the name of the new online experience awaiting those who purchase Pokemon Black or Pokemon White.

In a bid to get trainers to socialize and battle their captive creatures, Nintendo will launch the Pokemon Global Link web site this spring after March 6—the release date for the new Nintendo DS games. The service will allow players to sync their gameplay from the DS to a PC via the Internet allowing them to access customizable web-only content, befriend additional Pokemon, communicate with fellow trainers, earn worldwide battle ratings and much more according to a press release.

The Global link features three main components: the Pokemon Dream World, which features mini games and scenarios in a Pokemon’s dream that enable trainers to earn items to transfer back into their DS games; the Global Battle Union, which allows players to keep track of their battle record against others around the world and help them to participate in live events around the country; and the Pokemon Global Trade Station. The Trade Station, launching later this year, will give players the ability to track Pokemon trades all over the world.

“Pokemon Global Link will introduce brand-new ways to play Pokemon that enhance what players love most about the games: battling, trading and collecting Pokemon,”  J.C. Smith, director of consumer marketing for The Pokemon Company International, said.  “Giving players the ability to interact with Pokemon and other Pokemon trainers online deepens the game’s play experience and connects players from all over the world like never before.”

To access all of the online goods players will have to sign up for a Pokemon Trainer Club account at

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