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Published on January 17th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Impressions-Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football

The Wii has been generally accepted as the choice for family gaming. Nintendo once again allowed its console to protrude into home living rooms across the world and make you look somewhat silly playing its games. Now pair this concept with mans best friend, the Pet’s Sports League, and a legendary football player. Thanks to Judobaby, Jerry Rice, and our four legged friend Nitus, all shapes of players will have the ability to play catch with a legend.

One of the most important pieces to the game was that it was intended for younger audiences. Many hardcore gamers out there might drop this faster than you can say Error-74. Others out there with kids might find this to be a genuine experience.

While gripping the dog bone shaped controller skin, I was able to jump right into the game for the action. The controller skins as well as the mechanics are still working through their final phases of completion, but it was easy to see the appeal that this game would have with younger audiences. We were also informed that a rainbow of colors and the tightening of the mold will ensue as it comes closer to release.

After hiking, holding the remote up like a joystick allowed for some easy controls of my quarterback. Such easy button maneuvers as flicking the remote up while holding down to the A button hiked the ball. Although this controller scheme made sense to me, the developers at Judobaby mentioned that there still might be some changes in the final product. While dropping back, it is easy to see the open dogs running patterns across the screen. The next “bark” that was visible on the screen would be my next viable option to pass to. Although the mechanics of the game were still being worked out, it seemed easy enough for all players to pick up and simply, play.

For dads out there, it kept the Madden feel, but did offer some easier controls for younger players. Taking on the obstacles and combo-ing it up gave bigger A.R.F. points and upped the value of a single touch down. This means that scoring a touch down along with additional points could bring you back from the huge deficit. There are also over 12 playing fields for you and your pet to punt, pass, and play. Areas like the skate park will have players running through tunnels and hopping onto metal rails for a dash to the end zone.

Something else that will assist in these plays are the performance enhancing treats that can be given to your players. Feed your pet one of these before the play and watch them go! The inclusion of these gives the game a humorous look at the sports and football world, but also helps it to make sense for the younger audience of players out there. Throw in any of the variations in game balls like the chew ball, slipper, or rubber ducky and its off to the races on a huge play!

The game also offers variations in players and the types of dogs that relate to those humans. Not to mention the plays are also given names that mirror their style. For example, the one character’s is a motor cycle riding enthusiast. The play “ape hangers” was available in his set of plays. Dogs also mirror their owners. The only dissappointment thus far was that there were no Dachshunds available at this point. Which, led to a conversation about the length at which they turn during gameplay and their physical mechanics. One can still hope.

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*Look for this release sometime 2011.

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