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Published on January 15th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Two Worlds II Dev Diary #1: Why it Doesn’t Suck Anymore

OK so it has been well established that the first Two Worlds was pretty damn lousy. Alright, it was a buggy, glitch-polluted mess that couldn’t even convince gamers to finish the demo that came out prior its release. But people can learn from their mistakes and developer Reality Pump has decided to speak out to try and convince players that Two Worlds II will be the game they were waiting for over three years ago.

Will it succeed or does Reality Pump need a reality check? Who really knows. Over in Euroland the game has been garnishing reviews of 70-90 but the original game did just as well over in the lands of tea and bratwurst so using these numbers as an indicator of how well it will do here probably won’t work. We will know soon when the game hits shelves January 25.

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