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Published on January 14th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

DC Universe Gets Free Monthly Updates

I don’t know how DC Universe has been selling in different areas of the world but here on the East Coast (NC in particular), it is selling out everywhere. I don’t know if that many people are buying the title or if retailers just didn’t order a lot of copies, expecting this game to be a failure. We did an in depth preview of DC Universe during our BETA testing of the product a month ago, and now that we have the full retail release in hand be on the look out for a full on review in the later week. For now Sony Online Entertainment has committed to  free monthly updates and content to coincide with monthly Comic Book releases.

“After release you can expect patches from us with new content and all kinds of fun stuff on a monthly basis,” Smedley said in an interview with Eurogamer. “We’ll actually be doing some patches on a weekly basis if we spot any issues. But the plans are about a month out you can start expecting major pieces of content and major new features to come in.” Among those features, Smedley promises “large new raids, new end-bosses to fight, new quests, new graphics, new features.”

DC Universe released to retail on Jan. 11th and is $59.99 on the PS3 and $49.99 on the PC. A monthly subscription fee is required to play ($14.99 monthly) on both the PS3 and PC. Monthly updates and additional content will be FREE, but they are exploring with micro-transactions and the possibilities of expansions later down the line if the game turns out successful.

-Kyle Spencer

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