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Published on January 8th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

CES-Turtle Beach Just Got A Whole Lot Sexier

This is a brief overview of the quick hands on that we got at the Turtle Beach booth here at CES. Cam and I headed to the booth this morning to meet with Turtle Beach, but got more than we were expecting upon laying our ears on a one nice piece of equipment.

Most people are familiar with the Turtle Beach name or even the “most popular selling gaming headphones” of all time. Whether you own the X41 or the X11’s, it might be time for you to plop those pennies into the old bank and lookout for this blend of technology and a more than inviting user interface. The PX 5 literally gave me goose bumps as I heard the shots firing in the background and just thinking about its blue tooth capabilities never made me want spring to blossom sooner. Did we happen to mention the 25-30 hour battery life it boasts from just two AA’s? Well, we did now.

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Powering on Halo 3 left us hearing the shots firing from behind, armor abilities all around (typical Reach AI using abilities for no reason), and gunfire from afar. This was efficiently produced from the Dolby 7.1 surround sound. But there is more to just the “sound” when it comes to loading these bad boys up. Not to mention the Bluetooth and RF capabilities that give them some unique cross-compatibility.

There are 18 different presets offering those lucky gamers on PS3 and Xbox 360 to share the wealth with their sets. Also, utilizing the USB device, gamers can push the threshold of certain sounds and they made it an important mention: those CoD footsteps. The possibilities and depth become more evident as we listened in on the action.

Don’t worry, more impressions will follow. Keep your ears and eyes posted for the Gt crew from CES.

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